Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harper Bazaar And Clinique Yellow Genius Event

 Venue- Clinique 
Select City Mall
Some of us were invited on the re-launch of Clinique Dramatically different + Moisturising lotion.
Its the same moisturizer which you get with your 1,2,3 step skin care kit reformulated with added benefits.

 I was the first one at the venue so the host ie.Harper's Bazaar and Clinique staffs were busy sorting things out while i looked around clicking pictures.
By the time everyone arrived i was sitted in one corner getting my skin consultation and learning mixology of the Chubby stick shades.
 The Skin Consultation area.

Vibrant yellow props.
Picture from
I had a great time meeting the wonderful ladies from Harper Bazaar and Clinique team
 (who had flown all the way from Mumbai just for the event).
Learnt a bit a Mixology of different lipstick shades from the skin consultant Sofiya who was attending to me.
I've tonnes of Clinique goodies review coming up.
Stay tuned 


  1. Broke my heart when I had to decline the invite :(

  2. awww.... i know what you mean...
    the same happened with me once for some bangalore event i really wanted to go but was in delhi so had to turn it down :(

  3. All I remember of that day is of you dozing off haha

  4. haha... because i was there too early lol

  5. Sounds lovely! Cant wait to read the reviews on Clinique :)

  6. I love clinique! How fun that you got invited! The snacks look yummy!

  7. :) coming up soon

  8. hehe is was esp the orange cupcake

  9. Looking very pretty ! The event looks fab :D Do you color your hair? :)
    xoxo <3

  10. Yes hehe
    I keep coloring my hair :-P
    It's so addictive