Friday, August 30, 2013

My Alaya Spa Experience

 Alaya means the final state of mind before attaining Nirvana.
And that is exactly what the Director of Alaya Spalon (Spa+salon) Gyurme Tenzing had in mind when he ventured out in the wellness industry 8 years ago.
And i was pretty ecstatic when i was invited to visit the new branch in Saket PVR and experience their complimentary service.
Read on to see how it went.
(Warning*heavy pics*)

New Delhi
ph 011-40514561/62

Gurgaon DT mega mall 
LG-56 Golf course road
ph 0124-4267185/86

Crosspoint mall
803 DLF-4
ph 0124-4108527/28
 From the very moment i stepped into the building i felt like i was transported to another world and the bustling city life of Delhi was left behind.
It is a 3 level all Burmese teak wood interior.
 The top floor is the spa area with separate rooms for couples and singles.
Another area esp kept aside for dry massages like Shiastu,Thai traditional massage etc.
The basement is the salon.
 Each room is fitted with a steam shower and dim lights.
I tried the Alaya signature which is a traditional Tibetan Massage using extra virgin olive oil+Lavender oil.
Before the session began , i was given disposable undergarments to change into and a robe.
The therapist was soft spoken and made me feel comfortable.
She started from back and gradually moved to legs,arms and tummy.
The soothing music in the background made it even more relaxing.
It went on for almost an hour.
(i think..i don't rem the exact brain was too blissful to function)
While waiting for the steam bath to be ready she gave me the most amazing head and neck massage.
After that i went for steam bath and changed into my clothes. 

 Then i came downstairs to get my hair pampered in the Salon.
Sipped some herbal tea while waiting for my turn.
Gyurme suggested i try the Moroccan hair treatment.
And i bet no girl would say no to that :)
Begins like a normal hair spa.
Shampoo,conditioner followed by head massage.
I felt like i died and went to "hair heaven" lol
The head massage was followed by hair mask and steaming.
And another round of shampoo conditioner.
After that i also got a hair cut from their hair stylist who has 8 years of experience!!
I wanted some fringe and side layers to add little bit of volume to my hair.
I wasn't really sure what kind of fringe i wanted so he showed me lots of pics and i finally opted for side sweep.
He listened patiently and cut it to my exact requirement . I was so pleased.
I've decided to make this salon "my go-to place".
Next time maybe i'll try another hair style.
The hair cut was followed by blow dry and styling.
Hmmm..then it was time for another round of tea hehe

 The Spalon uses all high end brands.
The Moroccan Oil Brand is well known in beauty world for the amazing effect it has-
add shine,volume,reduce frizz,hydration,smoothing properties.
Repachage brand -
Repechage Four Layer Facial has been nominated as “The Best Facial of the century” by Cosmopolitan UK.
And of course everyone knows about Loreal.
I had a wonderful experience at Alaya Spa.
If you are looking for a place to escape to for a day then this is the place to be.
I was there from 3 pm to 9 pm (completely lost track of time)
They have Beauty,Hair and Body pampering all under one roof.
And the prices are pretty reasonable too.
My hair had become really dry and lost shine since i abuse it too much with coloring :p
I'm loving my hair after the moroccan oil treatment.
Its absolutely feathery soft and tangle free.
I've noticed drastic reduction in hair fall.
Even my skin consultant from Clinique was asking me she absolutely love my hair and where she could get it done.
For Appointments: 011-40514561/62
*complimetary services offered by spa*
(did you like it?)


  1. surprisingly the whole interior through your pics looks homely and nice. Love the dark wood theme. And your hair looks lovely!

  2. hehe thanks :)

  3. Wow, your hair looks absolutely incredible! I have never tried this type of treatment but would definitely be open to it after seeing your results. These are great photos. I could go for a cup of that soothing tea right about now! :)

  4. Your hair looks amazing & the place looks so relaxing :)

  5. You must have been in spa heaven <3 <3 Agree with the comments that your hair is pretty.

  6. I would love a spa trip... in need of some "me" time

  7. Revathy HealthnBeautyAugust 30, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    amazing interiors.. u took us to the spa thru ur pics.... n the pricing ain't bad at all.... we are already in dearth of good spas here & u r just adding to our woes :D

  8. What a beautiful and relaxing experience! Im super jealous :)


  9. Ooh my..can imagine how blissful it mush have been. And you just reminded me to get a spa done!

  10. Caity @ Moi Contre La VieAugust 30, 2013 at 7:53 PM

    Your hair looks amazing! <3

  11. hehe i love ginger tea.
    whts ur fav tea flavor?

  12. it felt so relaxing.
    i'm already yearning to go back

  13. we all deserve a "me " time every now and then

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  15. totally!!!
    i love getting pampered

  16. Your hair looks amazing!
    Looks like a gorgeous experience, and plenty of tea - I approve!

    Jess xo

  17. wow such an amazing place. I wish I could experience it too! x

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  19. Awesome! I love Spas :D.....And this looks good :) Glad that you enjoyed :) - Porshia (pearlypoppies)

  20. An awesome post. Hope you had a great one. I guess spa treatments help in a long way to keep you trendy.