Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gourmet Indulgence with Four Seasons Wines and Spaghetti Kitchen

 Gourmet Indulgence, a mega campaign that was hosted in 6 cities.
The event consists of pairing some of the finest Gourmet with Four Seasons Wines for a three course dinner. 
The food - carefully prepared for this occasion by the chefs of the partnered outlets to give a mesmerizing gourmet experience.
(Warning -Heavy pics)

 Initially my blogger friend Jasmine Bhatia from CrazylifeofJasmine and i had decided on Fork You (Hauz Khas Village) but something came up and the sponsors decided to change the venue to Spaghetti Kitchen Saket,Select City Mall.
I was meeting Jasmine for the first time though we had chatted on facebook for almost a year now.
So there was no awkward silence.
In fact we had sooooo many things to talk about and even made plans to hunt out some more food joint in Paharganj since we are both foodies.
 When we reach the venue, we were greeted warmly by the staffs and led to the table they had reserved for us.
The ambience obviously has a very Italian touch.
Pollo Polpettine
Tender chicken morsels with porcini sauce and crispy bacon
 This was perhaps my fav dish of the day.
The chicken was moist and tender.
Had the right amount of seasoning.
The quantity was more than enough for starter.
However the winning flavors were the Bacon and Porcini.
I took a piece of the mushroom and the flavors just exploded in my mouth- got lost in thought and Jasmine had to shake me back to reality :p
Jasmine was having bacon for the first time in her life and she loved it so much she decided to explore more pork dishes :)
Pumpkin and potato roesti
flashed with bocconcini and tomato salad
 I love potatoes and anything made out of it-chips,french fries,mashed potatoes,cutlet etc.
So its no surprise i loved the potato roesti.
But I couldn't really get the potato flavor except in the crust area.
pan seared red snapper with baked lobster polenta on a horseradish and tomato cream
 The Red Snapper was seared to perfection.
Mild unadulterated taste and i enjoyed the simplicity of the fish flavor.
Though i love lobster ,the baked lobster polenta wasn't exactly my favourite.
I found the starchy corn flavor overwhelming the lobster completely .

Shiraz was too spicey for me.
And i'm not much of a drinker so we did a little mixology(Shiraz+Orange juice)
The flavor turned out so great. 
i wanted to pack it in a disposable bottle and drink it on the way home lol
melon panna cotta with mint jelly
Jasmine was served the Melon panna cotta while i got the expresso chocolate cake.
But it turns out i feel completely in love with the creamy milkiness of the panna cotta while Jasmine was head over heels in love with the chocolate cake.
So we exchanged our desserts :p 
flourless chocolate cake with expresso gelato,gianduja sauce

I had a wonderful lunch at Spaghetti Kitchen.
The food was great and so was the customer service.
Good food and great company can never go wrong.
I would love to go back to the place :) 
Finally,no blogger meet is complete without rest room selfie lol
*Complimentary lunch*


  1. Love the post :) Thanks for sharing the pics.. It was so much fun and seriously it didnt felt like we were meeting for the first time :))

  2. I have been there and just love the place and food !

  3. you both look lovely.....

  4. looking forward to more meets :)

  5. hehe the ambience is great