Friday, September 27, 2013

MoYou London Pro Collection 04 Stamping plate NOTD

 I bought some Miss CLAIRE nail polishes so i wanted to try them out for stamping.
Pretty impressed so far with the stamping quality of these polishes.
So decided to make a mani with it using MOYOU LONDON PRO no 4.
The Base color is Miss Claire polish except for the ring finger which is Tip Top Nail Chic Gold Digger
I have created so many manis using the new Plates from Moyou London.

They keep releasing all these pretty plates, can't stop drooling at their website.
Added some golden caviar from Tip top nail Chic.
Will review them soon.
Until then enjoy these pics


  1. The jewelled nails.. and such a beautiful color combo.<3 <3 <3 it!!

  2. Love it ! Looks so pretty :D
    xoxo <3

  3. Loved your nails and the pictures too :) Looks like you are completely loving these....


  4. week after week you come up with beautiful nail arts

  5. this is so so so pretty Zan. I am loving it :)

  6. So gorgeous! I esp love the little stones you have put in :)