Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Etude House Wonder Pore Brush review

 Dear readers,
As you would've noticed i was MIA for a week.
I was caught up in a lot of running around the hospitals for my aunt's treatment.
The diagnosis is still yet to be made even after a lot of tests and investigation it seems to be going no where.
I will be MIA again for another week or so.
But today i have some free time and i'm trying to catch up with all the pending posts.
Here i am reviewing the much awaited post on WonderPore Brush.
I have already reviewed WonderPore Freshner HERE
I got mine from
Read about the post HERE

Etude house has not let me down once again when it comes to package and i'm sure they have put a lot of thought into this one.
It has a sky blue cylindrical container where you invert the the brush.
This acts as the holder and at the same time it allows space for the brush to dry.
Also has pores in the bottom of the container to allow the dripping water seep out.
 The brush holder is convenient and fits perfectly between the fingers.
Gives a firm grip.
 The bristles are synthetic and very soft.
But they are not as dense as i expected it to be.
The bristles are longer than i desire.
They lather easily and is gentle on the face.

I expected a lot more than pretty face from this brush.
I esp wanted it for cleansing my nose area.
The brush does it's job of gently scrubbing away the dead cells from the cheeks,forehead and chin except the nose.
The bristles are long so when i try to scrub my nose they flay and the lather gets all over my face and inside the nose too lol (which makes me really sneezy)
So i avoid using it there.
For my nose i prefer using my normal face scrub sponge from Basic.
Overall , i'm liking this cleansing brush a lot.
I don't think its something i would re-purchase as i would like to try other brushes in the market.


  1. aww... i was jus waiting for tat nose part! wish it worked there too.... i m actually look for a brush tat wud help me clean around my noses better.... :)

  2. It looks like a really interesting product, not entirely sure whether I'd purchase it myself though.


  3. Nice brush..looks great!! Great review too :)

  4. I really want to try this because I have been looking for a good facial cleansing brush (: great post!

  5. Vl check this one out!

  6. I used to be skeptical of pore brushes, but I recently got one and its amazing! Haven't tried this one before though, so I might give it a shot later. Thanks!

  7. you can try it :)

  8. you should give it a try

  9. Yoi can explore other face brush :-)

  10. I know. Even I wanted it for that esp