Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Four Fountains Spa Experience

 Being in medical profession can be very stressful.
There is an endless list of exams and the stress just starts to take a toll .
So while i was overloaded with these MD/MS tensions and the upcoming Aiims exam, i was delighted to get a complimentary spa therapy session from The Four Fountains Spa.
Ahem! who would say no to getting pampered :p

I booked my appointment for Friday 12th April 2012.
Venue- South Ext 2.
E-18.2nd floor.
New delhi 110049.
ph no. 011-4165-0016.

They called up one day before to confirm the appointment.

 When i reached the Spa, i was greeted by Dr.Risha and Dr.Sana (their in-house Physiotherapists)
They briefly ran me through the available Spa services and analysed my stress level.
Btw, i scored 11 out of 15 lol (nothing to be proud of)

Anyway,i decided to go for de-toxification therapy that consisted of "Spirulina Body Polish followed by Body wrap in Bastar Mitti" and "Swedish Massage - Summer Splash".
Thereafter,i was introduced to my therapist Miss.Jyoti who led me to the therapy room.
It was small but the decor and color was very clean and soothing with attached bathroom.
There was a small build in cupboard at one corner to stash away my bag and a huge mirror on the other side .
 They provided clean towels and disposable undergarments.
It was very hygienic.

Before the session began,she dimmed the lights to make it more comfortable and set the AC to my desired temperature.

"Spirulina Body Polish"-
It consisted of Sesame oil with Dead sea salt.
I loved the aroma and the polish was perfect for transitioning into summer from the dreadful winter.It scrubbed away all my dead cells and left my skin feeling soft and moisturised.
The polish took around 45 minutes.
I had to take a shower without soap after the polish.

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 Because of the scrubbing my pores had opened up and i saw tiny red spots all over my body.
But that was nothing to be worried about.

Next step :
She applied Bastar Mitti all over the body.
After the mask is applied a sheet is snugly wrapped around the body, creating a kind of thermal blanket that promotes sweating and aids in the emptying of unnecessary interstitial fluid, or the fluid located between the small spaces of body tissues. 
Body wraps improve the texture and appearance of skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body. 
They firm loose skin, treat the unsightly appearance of cellulite, soften the skin and give a boost to the lymphatic system and metabolism
And now it was time for my second shower :p (this time with soap)
I noticed that all the redness was gone and i felt very fresh.
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Finally time for "Summer Splash Massage"(PRICE-Rs.2199)
It uses the techniques of Swedish Massage and a refreshing pure Aloe-Vera gel with special Lime-Mint extracts to moisturize your skin and leave it supple. It relieves you from exhaustion and refreshes your body.

The Lime Mint gel gave a cooling effect and is perfect for summer.
Plus the massage was so relaxing i couldn't help feeling sleepy :p
It lasted 1 hour and when it was done i took another shower again (without soap :)).
the shower- with both hot and cold water .
Shower gel and Shampoo disposer.

Reflexology Room
 When i came out after my therapy, i was greeted with lemonades <3
And filled out a feedback form.
Plus had a good chat with Dr.Risha.
All the staffs were friendly.
My therapist Jyoti patiently answered all my queries about the products used, the procedure, the steps etc.
I was also given a de-stressing balm and the Spa Brochure.
 The price of the services are really affordable as compared to other Spas- 
With most therapies priced between Rs. 599 to Rs. 1599
They even have amazing discounts upto 50% for pre-paid membership plans.
You can go HERE to read more about it.

Visit their Fb page HERE
Website HERE
getting ready to leave- so sleepy i can doze off any second.
Could barely keep my eyes open lol
I came home and slept like a log :p
Would definitely love to go back and maybe even get a membership there soon <3
*Complimentary Spa service :Honest Opinion*


  1. lucky you! After reading this whole review now I feel like getting myself a spa treatment lol. Looking lovely in the "after spa" pic ^_^.

  2. The whole ambience looks pretty intimate and calm! You look relaxed..

  3. will check it out

  4. omg..i wont mind going for spa evry month -atleast once if i can :p

  5. :p thanks...
    i came home n slept like a baby

  6. That sounds like such a great experience! I've never been to a spa, but I'd sure like to go one day!

  7. you should definitely try going once :)
    its awsm <3