Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Clarins And Vellvette WP Launch Party

I recently got invited to be a part of Clarins White Plus Range Launch party co-hosted by
The event required registration fee of Rs.500 which was refundable-at-venue (no catch there)
or Get a Clarins lip balm (worth 800/-)/ a lip colour (worth 1250/-) in exchange for the booking amount! 

Venue- The Westin ,Gurgaon.
Date -April 6th 2013

 When i arrived at the Venue i instantly fell in love with the elegant setting .
I was greeted by Vellvette team members and handed over my refund and Vellvette goodies bag.

It wasn't one of those boring ones with long lectures and presentation.
Though there was a projector constantly showing the products on the screen.

There was a secluded area where 3 Clarins skin care specialist were pampering one participant each.
When my turn came, i was attended by Manoj.
He first analysed my skin- 
combination(oily t-zone, dry cheeks), 
really sensitive.
Slight uneveness on my forehead.

Followed by 5-7 steps of cleansing,scrubbing,mask,oiling,exfoliating,serum,moisturising,sunscreen.
 (and many more which i gladly forgot to remember because the whole thing was very relaxing and made me sleepy :p)

 After that it was time to head on to the Cosmetics corner.
She used the Clarins BB cream on me.
It is unlike the other BB creams i have tried.
You are not supposed to rub this.
Just tap and you;re done.
Kohl lined my eyes.
Pink blush and a gloss <3
 The team made sure no one was neglected and would constantly come up to check on everyone.
I met some wonderful people Esha,Nisha,Sabaa,Tshering, Pooja,Isha and Shilpa Gandotra .
It's amazing when i meet people who actually read my blog and love it at the same time :p

 I exchanged my Rs.500 for the Clarins lipbalm.
I really wanted a lippy but wasn't a big fan of the formula .(felt it was too sticky and glue-y)
me,Isha and Tshering
 And oh the Gourmet food was heavenly.
But sadly i don't have any pic of that. :(
 My skin felt really really soft and smooth after the pampering though it lasted only one day.
The long term effect would be visible only if i use it on regular basis.
Anyway, i'm sold :p
Now, i just need more cash to indulge in Clarins :p

I had a really great time .
Looking forward to meeting more wonderful readers in the future <3


  1. sounds like a good event..nice pics..

  2. I had so much fun! Felt really pampered, both my skin as well as my belly ^^ was awesome meetin you.. Oh btw her name's Isha lol

  3. it was fun :)

  4. now im regretting not eating the pastry lol
    can you send me isha's link too?

  5. I had office that day and had to miss this.. I wanted to be there..

  6. Hey thanx for mentioning my name :) It was nice meeting you :)

  7. would've loved to meet u :)

  8. yw :)
    it was nice meeting u too

  9. got it