Monday, April 8, 2013

MASH demi pearl beads wheel review

Today i will be reviewing from

It consists of 12 colors demi pearl beads.
PRICE- $3.99
You can buy it from HERE

The size is about 3mm in diameter.
So it will be pretty big for those with short and small nails.

Preferably more aesthetic when paired with base color of the same shade .
But can also be worn in contrast.

i've used Avon Aqua fantasy as the base coat.
The demi stones are easy to use.
They sit comfortably on the nails and have staying power of about 2-3 days ie if you don't do household chores.
Like any other 3D nail art products, these require high maintenance.
But perfect for special occasions like weddings and parties.

I love the pastel colors because it has a very fresh spring touch to it.
Looks soothing too.

However, if you think of recycling them after removal ,i'd suggest you peel them off without using nail polish remover because the acetone completely washes away the colors.
And you are left with a bland matte white demi stone.
Maybe you can re-color them with your polishes but i dont think anyone would have that much time or patience :p

PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. Those pearls are beautiful... Lovely manicure :)

  2. I Liked The Nail Color More Than The Pearls! :P

  3. thank u dear :)

  4. i'm glad you liked it <3

  5. that nail color is one of my fav.
    it has a ver vintage look

  6. woah looks like mermaids nails :D Nice one ;)