Monday, April 1, 2013

Charm Facial Mask Cherry and Tea Leaf Review

 Lately i've been neglecting my skin.
It's probably one of those weeks.
As a result, my skin decided to punish me with a zit on my chin!!!(red alert!!)

So now i'm back to my usual korean skin care regime.
Sigh...Its a long step which i will blog about later.

As for today ,i'll be reviewing Charm Face masks in Cherry and Tea leaf flavor.


It has mild Cherry smell but in the end i think all face mask end up smelling the same to me.
Everything is written in chinese and korean so i couldn't make head or tail of what the mask's benefit was supposed to be.
But i knew how to use it so there wasn't much to think about.


This had a fresher fragrance.
A mild minty smell.
Then again there's not much difference in the smell between different kinds of facemasks though their functions may vary.


I Use facemasks once a week in winter (because i love the way it moisturises my skin)
In summer, once or twice a month.
I love to leave it in freezer to get the cooling effect .

1. I first wash my face with a mild cleanser and pat dry.
2.Apply face mask and leave it on for 25-30 mins
3.Apply the excess liquid on my neck,hands and feet :p
4.Then i proceed with my normal skin care regime.


The Cherry left my skin feeling moisturised and soft.
But a little sticky.
It's probably from the fruity effects.
So i wasn't really overjoyed with it.
Nonetheless , i loved how it kept my dry skin at bay.

The Tea leaf was my fav.
It left my skin soft and Moisturised but not sticky.(phew)

With both the face masks- my face had more glow .
But i did not experience any skin lightening or pore reduction.
There was no skin irritation unlike the Konad Cucumber i tried .

The face mask wasn't really cut to fit my face shape.
As you can see in the picture, the side of the nose was totally neglected.
After face mask application.
No BB cream or make up.
(pardon my dry lips lol)


i'm satisfied.
For $1.90 , i can't complain much :p
It is available in 7 flavors-
almond,blue chamomile,kiwi and olive.

You can buy it from


PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. Wowie!! The packaging is super cute ^^ Korean face masks are the ultimate for me! So convenient and easy to use! Thnk god for Sephora now they're easily available too! Doing a review soon too xx

  2. Korean products are something i havent tried and wont also do in future

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  6. sure dear :)
    thanks for visiting my blog <3

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  8. i swear by korean products.
    Probably bcz it suits oriental skin.
    i'm not so sure about how it would be like on others.

  9. me too...i love korean n japanese face masks.
    they are so easy to use and hassle free.
    unlike the indian face packs..its so tedious

  10. nice posttt!! hope those face maks to be paraben free :)