Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Review

 If i am given the option to choose between hair care products and cosmetics, i'll always go for the former.
I love long hair and have never had the guts to sport short hair except once in 10th grade this Saloon Lady who is my mom's friend chopped off my waist long hair till my shoulder.
Gawd!! i sobbed like a crazy maniac all the way back.
FYI- i still secretly despise her lol

Anyway, my fav hair care regimes are hair mask which i make myself(i use this once a month)
Oiling my hair every alternate day 1-2 hours before washing my hair. 
(Studies say 30 minutes is more than enough)

I was using the Forest Essential Bhringadi hair oil.
After it got over, i shifted to Kama Ayurveda Bringadi intensive hair treatment.
I've been using this for more than a month now.
And its time to review it.Phew!
It comes in a plastic transparent bottle .
There is no punched out hole .It has a stopper which is really tight to remove .
But most of the time i don't have patience so i permanently removed the stopper.
However this means that i can't carry it during my travels.
Anyway, i think they can work on the package a little bit and make it journey friendly.
It is dark brown in color and has a very strong smell.
If they said drinking it would give me thick bouncy hair i'd drink it happily lol
(yes!that's how much i love my hair haha)
 The consistensy is thick for me but Gets readily absorbed.
It is oily but not greasy.
i apply this one-two hours before washing my hair every alternate days.
And wash off with whatever shampoo i'm in the mood for.

I have noticed considerable change in the hair texture.
It feels really soft with added shine.
I don't have hair fall issue.
So i can't say if it will help reduce hairfall or not.
I'm almost about to finish the oil -100ml in just one month.
(probably because i oil regularly and have long hair)
It can burn a hole in my pocket.
Rs.450 for 100 ml.
But hey anything for my "crowning glory" :p

Though it is expensive i would definitely love to buy this because who would say no to naturally attained soft and shiny hair.
PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. You got lovely locks girl...even I love them! :P

  2. wow this sounds like a great product!!! very nicely reviewed!! I would love to use this one after reading ur review! :)

  3. thank u so much :)

  4. oh puhleez lady!! ur hair is still long :)
    now i can't wait to cut my hair agn...
    waiting for my bangs to grow till my chin <3

  5. this is one of the best hair oil i've used.
    The forest essential one is also great.
    Yet to review that.... i'll re purchase that after this gets over hehe...

  6. blah. And best of luck with growing hair, don't forget to water it everyday and maybe play some music because in some cases I'v heard that if you play music for the plants it grows faster lol.

  7. i've already thought of which haircut i want :p
    no net on phone.
    cant whtsapp :(

  8. Debasmita KonwarMay 1, 2013 at 2:44 AM

    good review.I love hair oils too since my hair is so frizzy and curly.plz do a post on the DIY hair masks :)

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  11. will do soon...
    these days my brain isn;t functioning.

    giving aiims?

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  13. nice review. I miss my long hair. This time the hair cut wasn't that great. I don't know maybe its me or maybe its me again lol. I'v neglected to give some TLC to my hair for a while now and I guess i'll oil up my hair now lol.

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  15. would love to try

  16. Seems great.. I usually don't do this kind of treatments but that has to change!

  17. very useful!!

  18. which ones's better? FE or Kama?

  19. Alright :)
    thanks for sharing the experience here..i have heard this new name in ayurveda products but seems that
    they serve quality :) glad to know !!

  20. almost the same...
    cant really tell the difference

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  22. is there any herbal medicine available for permanent hair removal ?

  23. nice review...:) which hair mask u use???

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