Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lotus Herbal spf 100 Sunblock Launch Meet

Day before yesterday I received a very sweet invitation from Lotus Herbal to attend a small get -together on 11th april 2013 for a first hand review of their newly launched Safe Sun spf 100+.

I was more than happy to oblige because i've been using Lotus Herbal sunscreen for the past 7-8 years.
In fact it was the only brand that launched Spf 50 at affordable price.
The event was at Barista Lavazza,Defence Colony.Delhi.

When i arrived, i met the lovely ladies behind the scenes and one of the bloggers had already arrived- the lovely Agnibanya from

We started talking and it didn't seem like we were meeting for the first time. We had so much to talk about (ah...women!). Then Shalini from Bebeautilicious arrived .Followed by Poorva of
Then we were handed these goodies bag .
We tried the new spf 100+ sunblock.
They also gave us a sneak peek of the new nail enamels (yet to be launched)
Poorva and Shalini
Agnibanya trying out the Lotus spf 100+ sunblock

Some products from Purestay range

Sneak peek of the new enamel shades.
my fav is the mint green and lavender.
The Lotus Herbal Team
It was a very casual and close knit meet up with detailed discussion about UV rays,
the difference between UV-A and UV-B,
the effects of the two on our skin,
Tanning and its various types ,
The purpose of launching spf 100+ etc.
(the detailed post which i will do along with the Lotus herbal spf100+ review)
(in my review post i will also clear the misconception about spf values)

i've used it only twice since yesterday.
But so far, i am totally loving it.
Can't wait to let you all know more about it <3

You can Visit their fb page HERE
twitter - @lotusherbal


  1. So far their sunscreens I love and their nail enamels also really good. Can't wait for you to review these goodies! And the lotus herbal team look lovely! ^_^

  2. it was my first time trying their nail enamel.
    But this new spf 100 is the awsomest thing ever!!!
    so excited !!!

  3. Am so excited about this sunblock...I have Lotus Spf 40,70 and 90 lol
    Now I want this too...waiting for your review dear. Is it tinted too?

  4. hehe yes, its tinted...and its sooo amazing..i can't even begin.
    im getting goosebumps just writing about it.
    i'll need atleast a week to do a more detailed review.
    But u can expect great things :)

  5. i think when it comes to sunscreen almost everyone uses Lotus herbal.
    i love their spray and gel form <3

  6. can i steal a few pictures? with ur watermark ofcourse! :D
    n i loved meeting u all yesterday, it was fun :) n the meet was great :)

  7. sure sweety.
    you can steal them all :)
    as long as the pic credit goes to my blog <3
    n i loved meeting you too.
    looking forward to meeting u agn

  8. Agnibanya Das PoddarApril 11, 2013 at 11:34 PM

    haha, I'm looking so funny in the nail polish pic...lols..
    Thanks for sharing, and really , it never felt we all were meeting for the first time... :)

  9. waiting for reviews :-) those nail paints look so cute..

  10. sounds really good..

  11. in that pic u look like u r really trying to explain the usefulness of the products :)
    n i wanna buy more kryolan brushes :(
    going back agn soon

  12. i love d mint green n lavender <3

  13. it was really fun :)

  14. you guys had so much fun !!!

  15. it was really nice :)

  16. wow ! waiting for the reviews... :)

  17. wowsounds nice..