Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rajasthan- best veg restaurant in Darbhanga

i love the napkins :p

                    if you're a foodie like me then you will know how important it is for us (food lovers) to constantly try something new . i'm a very non veg person but every once in a while i like to try veg food in restaurants. i have this weird idea that going out to eat veg is such a waste of money . i'd rather stay in and cook by myself . yes, i love cooking too (but cooking everyday is a big noooo...!) :p

The best veg restaurant in Darbhanga is Rajasthan . Its is located in Darbhanga tower . if you've read my earlier posts you'll know which tower i'm talking about hehe.

a year back , this restaurant had no sense of interior decoration . it was just a big bright colorless place.
however now they've changed the whole thing . the walls are lined by timber (i find them so sophisticated), descent lighting system and table clothes that go with the timber color. the doorman is a sweetheart and all the waiters are very polite (don't you just love that?its a plus plus point).

the doorman decided to pose for me :) cuteee!!!

the interior

this is our fav seat in the whole restaurant- first seat left corner 

hehe there i go posing again!

manchurian fried rice- not spicey or saucy - everything in just the right amount.

its supposed to be "cheese pizza" with extra cheese- didn't like it too much.
the tomato sauce was OTT(and killing the cheese flavor) (sad face *)

the total came to around Rs.300.
usually we order some fizzy drinks or lemonade but we weren't that hungry so decided to skip all that and go straight to the main meal.


  1. Lovely Post!! If i ever go to Darbhanga on a holiday i'd visit this restaurant for sure! :)

    P.S. --- New Post on my blog too Cherie! <3 Make sure you take out time and give it a look. I'd really appreciate that! Once again -- You have a lovely blog! :) I already follow you!! Share the love and follow me back! <3


  2. LOL...even I feel dat going out 2 eat veg food ( ghas pus :P) is a waste of money..........but dat cheese pizza luks very yummy, too bad dey put xtra tomato sauce.........the restaurant seems quite classy :)

    1. haha yes .. that makes the two of us :)
      me tooooo!! i've completed internship. waiting around on documents. shifting to delhi.
      taking a year off to study for pg :)

    2. m gonna shift 2 delhi too :)...joining DAMS(april/may batch).......

    3. omg really?? we can meet up :)
      email me- :)

  3. Wow! The ambience is sooo lovely ... and the food looks damn yummy!!! :D
    Nice gal!