Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GLimpse of Bihar

after 5 long tiring months of waiting and shop dieting , we finally got our stipend . so as usual me and my roomie went out for dinner and a little shopping spree.i'll write about the mini haul in the next post  . hehe.
here are some pictures about how life in bihar is actually like unlike the wide misconception that there are miscreants everywhere and no! dacoits don't roam around ,guns sling on their backs. its a place just like anywhere else. Darbhanga is in north bihar . i love being in this place esp because it is pretty quiet out here , nothing really affects it. the only thing i miss when i'm here is KFC ... :p told you i'm a foodie
this is the monument based on which the main market is named- Darbhanga tower

the mannequin with multihair color lol

night life in darbhanga

morabba vendor 

this alley leads to the best veg restaurant in darbhanga- RAJASTHAN

the cosmetic shop - well its more like a multi purpose shop.
they have stuffs from korea and china :p

the parlor we usually go to :)