Saturday, March 10, 2012

For the love of Tangerine- nail art tutorial

once again beauties ola!!

this nail art was never supposed to have existed . but i'm bored to my bone marrow, its weekend and i stayed inside the mosquito net the whole day because this stupiddd annoying mosquitoes won't give me a break even in broad day light!! they've gotten so deep inside my brain that even when they're not around i hallucinate about their buzzing NOISE!!

oh well, i made a new nail art. a very simple one.
since spring is around the corner and pastels are totally in this year ,i'm using a mint green and Tangerine with crystal bedazzling. for those of you who don't know yet, tangerine is the color this spring . so if you have't stocked up on this color then hurrrryyyy, spring is already making her way here.

nail polishes used -
mint green - VOV long lasting nail polish (don't know the no. as its written in korean )
bedazzling crystals from local store
clear top coat - color street 101
3D fruit stickers from konad

konad 3D nail stickers

color the tips of your nail with mint green nailpolish

use Konad nail art glue and stick the Orange 3D sticker at one corner of your nail

in the same manner apply the bedazzling crystals

apply clear top coat 

yum yum .. your tangerine nail art is done


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  2. wow lovely nail art :)

  3. dis nailart is sooooo cute n lovely :)

  4. its really so simple and nice :)))

  5. very cute....
    the 3d stickers resemble fimo canes....