Friday, March 2, 2012

Graduation prom night hairstyle for medium to long hair

graduation is around the corner and i've been asked to do a prom night hair tutorial .
this is a very simple and elegant hair style tutorial . all you need is a curling iron.

(once again my roomie is my poor victim :P)

with no further delay lets proceed.

                                                      make sure your hair is clean and dry .

start from one side of the head.
take some amount oh hair and divide it into 2 equal sections

now twist the two sections around each other

continue twisting and at the same time adding small amount of hair from the lower side to the section of hair that is twisted up

continue twisting towards the back of the head

clip it with bobbypins

do the same on the other side.
when its done it will look like this

now take a curling iron and make big heavy curls 

and now this is how it will look like :)
use hairspray to hold the curls.
you can finish off with a cute crystal clip

Time required - 15 minutes

4.dates :)

                                                         ! HAVE FUN TRYING IT OUT !