Monday, March 12, 2012

Revlon Eye and lip make up remover review

this was the first make up remover i bought .
 it was  a year back and i badly needed a make up remover because  i hate sleeping with my kohl on
 (the next day my eyes get all red , irritated and i get tiny vesicles on my waterline) .
 its pretty annoying!!
 i have a very sensitive eyes . 
even walking to college (2 minutes walk) gives me eye allergy
 so you can imagine what it does to me when i sleep with my kohl on.
 the other make up remover i have is Mary Kay s oil free make up remover. 
But it was a gift from an aunt and its pretty expensive 15$ so i can't repurchase it lol
anyway, the only reason i bought this was because it was cheap and i was still a student.
 this was the only one i could afford :p .
 over time i've realised that i really like this product .
 i even suggested my roomie to get it when she was on the look out for a make up remover.


 the package itself is not very appealing - simple white tube with a black flip lid. 

(not something i'll do a jiggle dance over purchasing it!!).

 But hey lets not judge this baby by her looks :)


 it is a creamy white product . Moisturising . leaves your skin soft after removing your make ups.



 i dab just a small quantity on a ball of cotton and lightly run over my closed upper eye lids. 
as for the lower water line, i apply tiny bit of the product on a Q-tip and run it along my waterline :) 
 it works perfect for me . 
as this method gives better precision and avoids the product from entering your eyes.
 its mentioned on the instructions that after using it we should rinse off with water but i never do that :p


its my favourite make up remover till now.
 i really like it for the softness it gives after using. 
it doesn't cause irriation. others claim that it causes blurring when it enters the eyes but luckily i haven't experienced it yet :) 
the quantity is a lot compared to the price .
 Very less quantity is required for removal , so its guaranteed that it'll last you long enough. 
what more can a college girl ask for :p

WEIGHT- 160ml
PRICE Rs.180/-
RATING - 4/5


  1. I used this product and yes it's a very effective product for the price :)

    1. yes ...hehe the only one worth buying so far.
      bcz i'm alwz broke lol

  2. heard a lot about this product......and its soooo cheap.......will definitely get one :)

  3. hey thanks for the review. I was looking for something like this :D now i know what to buy. it's so inexpensive and easy on the pocket too :)

  4. Hey @5134700607a7d9b21cd684749a24b342:disqus glad it was helpful.
    i reallly like this one.
    bought another tube :)
    i also use the oriflame eye make up remover but it jt makes my eyelashes brittle lol