Friday, October 26, 2012

Elcure Vitamin C Serum review

I rarely use skin care products-the maximum i use is a Johnson baby cream for my dry skin in winter.In summer i just only a bbcream .
But after hearing a lot of hype about Vit c serum i really wanted to try it 
as my skin is prone to freckles

 Product Details

Contains a ionized form of Vitamin C. When entering the human or animal body,
 it converts into L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) through the enzymolysis of phosphatase,
 and maintains the same physiological function and biological efficacy as L-ascorbic acid. 
It is able to effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in skin, facilitate the synthesis of collagen.
 It may also resist the damage caused on the skin due to the U.V. light, smog and other environmental effects.
- US FDA (OTC) registration

The efficacy of Vitamin C depends on the absorptance not the content. 
To be efficacious, the most important factor is the absorptance of Vitamin C 
but the majority of Vitamin C products do not have the key technology which can be elevated the level of Vitamin C absorption factor.
 However, Elcure have 'Ionization skill' studied by dermatologists for more than 10 years, which can highly elevate the absorptance of Vitamin C.


It comes in a tinted glass bottle to protect the serum from direct sunlight and a dropper.
The package may not be travel friendly as it is glass and may break.
But the dropper is convenient and makes it easy to pick up the serum.


The serum is translucent with a watery texture and just 2-3 drops is enough for the entire face.
I don't rub it vigorously.
Instead i apply it with light dabbing esp around my cheeks as i have some freckles there that tends to get worse on exposure to sunlight.
The Serum gets absorb very quickly and gives my face a radiant look.
It is not moisturising so i need to use moisturiser on top of it.
But i feel my skin has become softer and the freckles have lightened.
It has a very nice citrus smell.
I will continue using this until all my freckles disappear :)

 How to use

Apply 2~3 drops of serum on face at night after facial cleansing
After that you can use your other cosmetics


No preservatives
No artificial colors
No thickeners
No antistatic


55,000 won
(about $50)
(Rs.2500 approx)
The serum


i'm loving this product so far.
I have used this for over a month and my freckles have reduced/lightened.
Plus i love the refreshing smell.
Non availabilty in India may be a problem :(
If you want to increase the firmness of your skin and reduce uneven skin tone ,
i would definitely recommend this product.
(though you have to be patient with this product).
PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. 50$ is quite expensive.You don't like your freckles?I think freckles are adorable :)

  2. haha but it s a good anti ageing..helps build collagen..its a rage among asian skin care freaks :)

  3. hehe my bf likes my freckles too ...
    i like them sometimes..other times i use bb cream to conceal it :p

  4. this looks very promising but oh so expensive! :)

  5. wow! i would like to try it!

  6. i know :(
    all serums are expensive sob sob

  7. you should try this <3

  8. its really nice

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