Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dueba Candylicious Jolie Violet circle lenses review

 I got this circle lenses from Apple Of Your Eyes.
Its a blog store owned by this lovely lady called Allyson.
I received this a month ago and was going to review them last week when i came down with food poisoning so i couldn't.
Alyyson was very understanding when i said i was not feeling well 
and that i would do it this weekend.
Here i am finally with the review.
I want to make sure that every review i do has the best pictures and info, 
so i don't do anything is a hurry.
my bad,for the delayed review :p


Everything was cutely wrapped in a bubble bag.
I also received a free lens case along with the circle lenses.


 Shipping is very fast.
Allyson keeps me updated with all the details and the time when she ships out the lenses .So you don't have to worry about delayed shipping .
You can ask her any question you want .She always replies very quickly.


She accepts Paypal only.


 I love violet and since this comes with my prescription its even better
 because i get to wear this to class :)
Its actually 3 toned-the outermost is grey,
middle is light violet and
inner most is orangey brown.
The color blends well with my pupil .


it is 3 toned-grey,violet and brown-because of which it gives a graded appearance.
There is no outer black rim and so even though the lens is 16 mm it gives a look of 15mm.
The transparent rim blends in naturally with the sclera(white part of the eye).
I love it for this because even though i m wearing it,its so subtle that people can't make out i'm wearing a circle lens unless they look very deeply in my eyes :p


This circle lens is 16mm
But it looked a lot like 15 mm.
It gave good enlargement effect.


These circle lenses are one of the most comfortable ones i have so far.
They did not hurt even when i wore it for the first time.
i have worn them maximum upto 8 hours.
i experienced a little drying effect but that's natural with all circle lenses.
(i use artificial tear drops for that)


These are very pretty lenses that can be used for everyday wear 
because the color is very subtle ,
i wear it to my class all the time lol
I love them because they go with any color eye make up whether subtle or melodramatic.

You can get it from HERE
They come in 5 gorgeous,violet,brown and grey.
You can visit her FACEBOOK PAGE HERE
WIth circle lens and without circle lens

in normal daylight

with flash


(love reading your comments.Don't forget to tell me how you liked it)


  1. oh, you look so cute!

  2. you look so gorgeous :)

  3. thanx :) @5134700607a7d9b21cd684749a24b342:disqus

  4. DrSukanya@FewUnnecessaryStuffOctober 7, 2012 at 5:04 AM

    it looks pretty cute ! :)

  5. These look so so prettyy on your eyess. I think i'm going to buy the LuxuryBabe version of thesee.

  6. hehe do so and let me it looks on u :)

  7. I'm about to receive some violet lenses from UNIQSO to review myself. I just love violet eyes, and yours look lovely!

  8. i am so sacred to use lenses.. :(

  9. Whoah those are very weird nah not weird but so different, it still looks natural tho. Pretty on you ^^


  10. thank you ley :)
    i will check out ur blog too

  11. I love circle lenses !!They are so surreal yet b'ful!! :) They look gr8 on you...

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  14. The lenses look absolutely pretty on you :)

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  16. I love those purple color, and that looks nice on you

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  20. I know you use a lot of these circle lenses so I wanted to know something. My eyes are rather small and I feel one is still smaller than the other. Will wearing a big circle lenses enhance this? I'm really piqued about these and want to try a pair.

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  22. in lenses i like purple n grey

  23. thank u.
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  24. hehe its very subtle though

  25. circle lenses makes the pupils look big
    it has little effect on the eye shape n size.
    to make the eyes equal maybe you should try using double eye lid glues :)

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