Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smokey Moss Green EOTD

Give me green anyday and i'm all smiles from ear to ear. I do not know when my love for green started but ever since i've loved colors its always been green. Most girls would say pink but nay . for me its Green and all variations of green all the way- apple green, forest green, moss green, parrot green, aquamarine..the list is endless.

Anyway this is one EOTD i made purely because of my  love for Green :)
Made on the same day as the"sparkly purple eye EOTD" .
got too lazyto my exams can be a pain in the neck :p

1.maybelline studio gel liner (black- swatched HERE)
2.Mimididi 3D diamond sparkle eyeshadow no.12 swatched HERE)
3.Chambor trio eyeshadow Mystic
4.lipstick- Lotus floral glam- O orange swatched HERE

                                                            Camera click!!! let's start posing :p

                                                                        WHAT"S YOUR FAV COLOR?