Sunday, June 17, 2012

Whats on my nails this week

this is a pending post. Been really busy with the sucky sucky mock exams for my Specialisation mains.
Plus an event yesterday . anyway here's what s on my nails this week.
its a diagonally painted glitter mani .
Products used-
1. Deborah milano REVIEWED HERE
2. Nyx girl's nail polish super funk REVIEWED HERE clear coat colorstreet nail color no.101
 i also wore this to the #DoveHairAware Indiblogger meet

                                                               WHATS ON YOUR NAILS THIS WEEK?


  1. thank u sweety <3

  2. Cool Pink!! :) Nice line... I can never get my line that perfect!!

  3. pretty and simple.....
    we can use cello tapes to get perfect line....