Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elf cream liner in Punk purple review and EOTD

when stylecraze recently brought Elf to India, 
i was super excited like many of the beauty bloggers out there.
i splurged 2000 bucks .
 It was my biggest haul this year...and sadly also the biggest let down.i love the website.
 But the elf products are way below my expectations(probably because i had to pay so much its more disappointing).
 As of now , i've decided to stay away from Elf and invest in other products instead.


i love the cute packing-studrdy black lid and a transparent gel holder.
Travel friendly unlike my Inglot amc gel liner(the lid broke ). It comes with a mini gel liner brush. The brush is very soft and i like it :)


i'm going crazy over Purple these days(though no color can replace my fav green). 
Punk purple is a deep purple. I'm afraid it won't show up well on darker skin tone.
 I've read many reviews where people have issues about the color not showing up.
 I'm NC 25. This shows up very neatly on me.
 I think the teal will show up very well on dusky complexion.


its smooth. Easily glides over though it can get a little patchy but i think it's because of the brush. 
So i'm thinking of trying it with my maybelline studio gel liner brush next time.


 it is pigmented .The intensity can be easily build up.


 i am pretty impressed with its staying power.i have oily lids but it stayed on me for 6-8 hours.
It is smudge proof .
 But can be blended to look like an eyeshadow immediately after applying.

PRICE- 3$ (but it got it from stylecraze at 499 INR ie 11$ approx)

no, definitely not. i'm not gona buy any Elf products unless its for the original price. 
I kinda feel like a dumbass for buying this in the first place lol
But hey!! we all learn from mistakes... you should learn from mine too hehe


  1. the colour is so pretty..i love the brush..maybellinez gel eyeliner brush is just so hard to work with.high time we get elf products at original prices! :(

    1. i like maybellline gel liner brush :p
      n yes elf in original prices please...otherwise its just a waste of money

    2. i have a hard time lining thin lines with maybellinez brush :(..............pls support
      my entry by dropping a comment here :)

  2. The liner looks good on you. Also wanted to remove the misconception about the Prices - please note that the prices are set by the Authorized distributor and retailers (sites like us) can't change them. The same is the case with NYX and other brands too. (NYX Round lipstick worth $4 retails at Rs.400 in India. We will have to wait till the distribution is better (which is likely to happen soon as India's beauty market is one of the fastest growing in the World).

    We will however try to make these brands accessible and check which ones get good reviews. It's a big pain for us too here :(

    1. i love the color chetana ... i really liked gypsy too but alas its not meant to be mine :(
      and i knw the price is not ur fault.
      india can be very annoying whn it comes to custom duties :'(
      i hope the distribution do get better.

  3. I wanted this one, but for the price, why wouldn't I get something instead of this one?

  4. * I mean something of better quality

  5. Very pretty is lurking very nice on you...:)

  6. I like that your back with the nice and old blogspot comment box :P. Good Good. I love the packaging of this product. Looks really great on you! Yeah, your right that its overly priced in India.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

  7. That's why I still haven't bought one thing from Elf yet.. I had Elf in a local store 2-3 years back and they sold it at the same rate as other countries.. Everything was 150-300. I tried so many things back then, plus after paying just 150 for a lipstick, I don't feel like paying 400! That colour is pretty though!

  8. I know how you feel Phil..been there too :(...Following you now :)

    1. thank u sweety for dropping in and following me :) <3

  9. i like that color! i'm looking forward to buy my own from the uk shop! it have very good reviews! and purple looks good on you. i 'll go for black!

  10. I love the color! But dunno if i would try elf myself :(

  11. nice review. i can't use eye cream >.<

  12. this is such a beautiful colour! i really want to try elf ,i wish elf comes to india soon !!

  13. nice review. i can't use eye cream >.<

  14. i like it but its too expensive in india

  15. i know!!! i hope it comes fast bcz paying triple the price is not pleasant

  16. i love purple too :)

  17. why cant u use eye cream?

  18. me neither..that was probably my last elf haul

  19. elf is cheap in US and UK but too expensive here so not worth it ..i think