Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Matrix Biolage Advanced FiberStrong Range Review

 Hello From the Lonely Planet.
I don't care if this place is called God's own country or if they have the the most amazing sceneries.
All i know is i miss Delhi :( with all my heart.
I'm still in my Malayam learning phase and EVERYYYYYONEEEE speaks in Malayalam here even if they know English.
Which makes me feel really left out and sad.
I can't understand the fun chats my batchmates have among themselves or the not so fun parts when they are discussing schedules or work.
I just sit there and pretend i'm alright when actually i'm not.
99.99% of the patients speak in Malayalam and i miss speaking in Hindi so much,sometimes i catch Hindi speaking patients lol

The blog reached 3rd anniversary on July 5th 2014 but i was too busy to even go near my laptop.
Plus my laptop has been under the weather for the past 1 month.
I go to work at 7 am and get home by 6 pm most of the days.

 Enough with the rants, here i am with a hair product range review from Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Shampoo,conditioner and serum.
You can read about my hair fall care post HERE
And the product that helped me reach my "No hair fall"stage HERE
I decided to cut down the Damoae hair therapy kit use to once a week and substitute it with The Matrix Biolage  Advanced Fiberstrong Shampoo,conditioner and serum.
Have been using this for over a month and half now and here is my final opinion.
Formulated with the power of intra cylane and ceramide to fill the gaps in the hair structure.
Makes the hair 12 times stronger in just one treatment that helps reduce breakage by 95%

I am the kind of person who doesn't like to experiment much when it comes to hair products because for the past few years i have been having hair fall on and off.
I was so happy when Damoae hair therapy kit completely stopped my hair fall.
Then i thought i would give this range a try since it sounded good.

The shampoo has a milky cream color and lovely fruity fragrance.
Lathers and cleanses my hair well.
Rs.485 for 400 ml

The conditioner has color and fragrance similar to the shampoo.
The only difference being the shape of the container.
It moisturises and keeps the hair soft .
Rs.380 for 196 g

The serum-
The serum from Matrix Biolage is amazing.
It is one of those products which i have been using for the past 2 years and it lasts forever.
This is my second bottle. The first one was from different range.
But never thought to blog about lol.
So i was pretty excited when i got a fresh bottle when my old one just got over.
It is affordable and detangles my damp hair properly,smoothens it and makes it so soft.
Rs.275 for 100 ml

As for their claim of reducing hairfall/breakage IN MY CASE has not been true.
The hairfall started about a week back and has been continuing since then.
I am caught in a dilemma as to whether i should continue using this range and just stick to Damoae Therapy Kit or cut The matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong range to just once a fortnight.
Other than that it does the job of cleansing ,moisturising and smoothening well.


Will be back with another rant posts soon lol
I miss you all so much.
I need lotsa virtual hugs.
sob sob >^_^<


  1. Oh! bad it didnt work...would love to try the serum though :)
    Hope you get back to normal schedule soon!
    Happy 3rd blog anniversary :) :)

  2. awww :( I know how it feels...I stayed in that place for about a year...Being a mallu, I found very difficult...So, I can think how it feels....Do visit cochin if you get time... :)

  3. I rarely get time to come online
    Work from 7-7

  4. D serum is great
    Thank you
    I didn't even get to celebrate it with my readers

  5. Would love to visit Cochin
    Badly in need of new clothes

  6. Awww! a truckloads of hugs for you sweetie.. take some everyday from those truckloads and stay smiling ... i've had a love hate kinda relationship with matrix. however, the serum looks and sounds awesome. would try it for sure.

  7. I know what a culture shock feels like & I know you feel alone right now but just give it a little bit of time & it will all be coming together - A big hug from here xo

  8. A very beautiful picture at a wonderful place !! The light house is sooo magic :) <3
    Best wishes, Yassi