Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Outfit Post- A Casual Day Out

 Its been a long time away from blogging world.
I miss the fun and craziness of the events,the thrill of getting new products and swatching them as if its the end of the world, scrambling through my brain for new nail art ideas.
Now i feel like just another fish in the pond,another rat in the race.
I have been transported a decade back into a world less known to me.
But in a weird way i am happier than i ever was.

 I am getting a hang of the language.
Malayalam does actually sound like Korean (i hope Korean fans won't kill me for saying that)
I made some good friends and everyone is doing their bits to help me.
Feeling blessed.
Of course the language is not something i can pick up in a month but now i do know some words and phrases that helps me survive in the Hospital world.
You have no idea how much i miss wearing a simple tee and pants.
Salwar suit is not my cup of coffee .It is so stuffy esp with the white coat on.
The climate here is perhaps my fav part of the place except for the rains which can be pretty unpredictable.
Only sad thing is though the temperature is around 25-28 degree Celsius it tans the skin like crazy and my feet have been the worst victim of that.
 Wanted to do a small outfit post about my favorite casual outfits.
Sometimes we focus too much on fancy glamorous outfits, i think we forget to love the basic tee and pants.
(Kindly ignore the red door mat lol)

Place- Christina WT
Shop no 87-B
 ShahpurJat ,
New Delhi

Hair Band-Accessorize
Earrings- Aldo
Face- Skin 79 Oriental BB cream Reviewed HERE
Lips- Bobbi brown Art stick in electric pink  Reviewed HERE
Eyes- MUA undress Palette

I still miss you all like crazy and will try my best to update the blog now and then.
Thank you so much for all the love in my previous posts.
As per some of your suggestions i have started 10 minutes morning meditation to get rid of anxiety.
You can keep in touch with me via my facebook page.
Lotsa hugs,


  1. just that color on nails and lips against black and white, looks really pretty!!
    And i love that hair band of yours, its simply fab!!

  2. You look super pretty as ever and how long are you staying back in Kerala ?

  3. Its so nice to see your post after a long time!! Its good to know you are getting a hang of the things there..btw you look lovely as always!!

  4. You have no idea how much I miss you more.I have our innisfree pic on my make up cupboard.we look so fresh n happy

  5. Thanks jas.
    The beautiful thing about blogging is I know you all will be always around and I don't have to be scared

  6. Thanks love
    3 years confirmed
    1 extra year not so sure

  7. Such a welcome relief to see ya here sweetie... Such a long time.... Loved this post a lot... and the red doormat is lovely too :-)