Saturday, June 28, 2014

AVON Skin Goodness CC cream Review

By now my readers know that i can't do without BB creams.
I'm not much of a foundation person.
But what does one do when she is about to run out of BB creams?
Actually i had 2 back up skin 79 bb creams while i was still using my Missha no 21.
But some very unthoughtful people decided to take "MY" Missha without even asking permission.
You can imagine how bitter i was since it was my fav BB cream of all time.
And one skin 79 bb cream - i gave it away to an old friend because she really wanted to try Korean BB creams.
Now i have just one with me and was in a panic HIGH ALERT mode when i received this AVon SKin Goodness CC cream for review.
God bless the Avon people.
This has become my summer go-to CC cream.
Read on to know why.

AVON Skin Goodness Color Corrector Cream with SPF 50 PA+++ instantly correct uneven skin tone and notice more radiant skin over time.
 Light breathable formula combines a high-performance skin care serum with color correcting pigments. 
Formulated with licorice and vitamin C, this begins to fade dark spots and hyper pigmentation after just two weeks of use. 
Protects with SPF 50. 
Provides medium coverage.

It comes in a nice sleek black tube.
It is only 18 g so you can imagine how tiny this is.
In fact i've been using this for almost 2 weeks now and everytime i apply ,i dread that it will get over!!!
Wish it comes in a bigger jumbo size too.
The nozzle is easy to use,allows right amount of product to dispense.
PRICE- Rs399/- for 18 g

It is very runny .
Super light texture.
Gives smooth satin finish.
Doesn't feel like i have anything on my face.
I thought it has some silicon in the ingredients but i couldn't find the list anywhere(like really??? AVOn!!! really??)
In this age when people are so conscious about what they put on their face, how can you leave out printing the ingredients?

Has light coverage.(contrary to the medium coverage claim)
Hard/impossible to build up.
The product slides when i try to build up the coverage.
Perfect for summer to get that naturally flawless kind of look with a bit of concealer.

Has mild powdery fragrance.
I have come across only 2 shades of this CC cream- medium wheat and n*de.
Though these are color correctors i don't agree that a brand should launch only 2 shades both of which are very light.
It is unfair to dusky beauties.
I have the shade N*DE and it suits my skin tone perfectly.(NC 15-20)
This is the first CC cream i have tried which is not Korean and which i have not criticised calling it a wannabe CC cream :p
That means i like it.
I have been using this for almost 2 weeks now and it hasn't broken me out.
I had a zit just when i started using it in Delhi but i blame that on Delhi's humidity.
Ever since i left Delhi no-mo zits though the last one left a nasty red scar on my right cheek which is still healing.
I love how light the CC cream feels on my face.
Blends easily.
Needs setting with a powder .
The shade N*de does not give medium coverage.
In fact it is really sheer but imparts smoothness to my face.
Really hard to build up coverage so if you have lots of blemishes to cover i won't suggest this.
It is perfect for summer and the no make up look.
(it takes make up to get the no-makeup look :P)
However, does not control sweat.
Of course, the spf 50 PA++ is an added benefit but it is only against UV A rays which causes ageing.
If you want protection against UV B rays (which causes Burns) then you should use another sunscreen before applying the Avon Skin Goodness CC cream.
i use Vichy capital soliel spf 50 with protection against UV B and UV A.
Overall, i am totally in love with this.
Though i haven't seen any dark spot/hyperpigmentation reduction.
I won't recommend this for dusky beauties as it would make them look ashy.
Phew!that was such a long review.
I hope i didn't bore you all to death :p

Once again this review is based on my personal experience .
What suits me might not suit you.
I hope i have not missed out anything.

Do let me know in the comment.


  1. Avon By Karie PageJune 28, 2014 at 1:54 PM

    I love these also. And for the extra protection of sunscreen our Avon Anew moisturizers also have SPF from 15 to 50. Here is a link to the CC and BB creams and all the shades. CC creams:
    BB Creams:

  2. I'm loving this so much for an everyday no make up makeup look that I might just go to an avon aunty and buy this to stock it up haha. Review well done.

  3. Ooh. This CC cream looks nice. It kinda looks like a tinted moisturizer to me, though.

  4. I am loving this. But it is so tiny I am scared I will run out of it every time I use it.

  5. it has been ages since i used anything from AVON..I think this CC cream might be avon fast breaker ;)

  6. Oh I love the SPF 50!! It is so rare in makeup! too bad for the limited shade choice! nice review!

  7. Spf 50! I don't think any other BB Cream has such high Spf. And light weight texture too.....sounds nice.

  8. I liked it as a sunscreen. Did nothing for coverage. So, didn't like it as a BB Cream. But as a light sunscreen which works for my oily skin, I would definitely give it a thumbs up.

  9. Avon By Karie PageJune 29, 2014 at 2:45 PM please feel free to contact me from my website!

  10. Avon By Karie PageJune 29, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    I love the BB cream... one of my new customers had 3 compliments the first day she used her sample and ordered 2 right after work. BUY 1 GET ONE FOR $5.00

  11. I am obsessed with BB cream. I will probably look into this CC cream since I love things with spf. :)