Monday, March 24, 2014

Delhi Duty Free Fragrance Promotion

Pullman Hotel
MG road Gurgaon

We were invited for an evening of "Scents and sensibility" with Vir Sanghvi by Delhi Duty Free
Visit Their facebook Page HERE
I know most of us are conscious about the perfume brands we wear.
But in this interesting session i learnt a lot of things.
1.There are only 8-10 perfume makers in the world and all the big brands go to them.
Eg perfumes by Dior and Calvin Klein maybe manufactured by the same company but marketted by different brands.
These perfume makers make 5-10 samples for the brand and the brand will choose from all these samples.
The samples which gets rejected by suppose Dior ,may later on end up being chosen by CK and so on.

2.And that most of the time The Perfume Wears the person and not other way round.

3.Also it doesn't hurt to get opinions of other people while buying perfumes because the wearer can smell it only for 20 minutes or so while other people around him/her can smell it the whole time.

4.The cost of perfume bottles is triple the cost of the actual perfume it contains.
Eg. when we break down the value of a perfume that costs $100, 
$8 would be the cost of the actual perfume
$50 the bottle cost 
and the remaining would be for promotion ads etc.
Fascinating isn't it?
 It started with narration about perfumes by Vir Sanghvi .
Followed by question round.
Later we all went out by the pool for a brief photo session.
 The I-kandy bar is by the pool with the DJ on a tree house .
Mini huts around the pool with fluorescent purple lights to build up the mood.
It totally gives the hippie vibe.

 Drinks were constantly flowing in from the bar.
We were starving so we hogged on some potato nuggets. 
 Next was a make over session.
 Finally the buffet at La Riviera .
I had a bit of everything, scallops,prawn,pork belly,quinoa salad,lasagna and so on :p
I also won a Mini Miss Dior perfume which i am loving it at the moment and i plan to buy the full size soon.


  1. I enjoyed the session with Vir Sanghvi...a very well traveled and intellectual man!! And you looked so adorable dear, as always <3 <3

  2. Seems like a great event!

  3. I cant stand strong smell however love collecting them. More than perfumes its their packaging which tempt me.