Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Daily SKin Care Routine

This is perhaps the most requested post from my readers.
I've been thinking of writing about it for months but kept delaying.
Getting the skin care that suits you is very crucial and it may take months to years.
Requires trying out a lot of new products and experimenting to find the products that meet all your skin care needs.

A lot of us don't mind spending thousands on cosmetics but when it comes to skin care we're like "BLEH". Isn't it better to have beautiful skin?
Of course, cosmetics should be used to enhance that.

My main skin concerns is that i have combination skin.
So while in summer i have face that looks like a drop of oil, in winter i end up dry and flaky.

This is my daily skin care steps.
Though the products may vary from time to time depending on the climate.
The steps basically remains the same.

 Step 1 cleansing- my HG was Just Herbs silk splash (Reviewed HERE)but after it got over i am trying my hands on Loreal go 360 clean deep cleansers for Sensitive SKin.
I have read a lot of bad reviews on this face wash but so far i'm pleased with it.
Plus i love the tiny scrublet.
Makes cleansing so much fun :p
HOW TO USE- Take a pea size amount on the srublet and gently exfoliate.
Do not over do it.
 Step 2 double cleansing- This method is followed by the Koreans.
Sometimes just washing your face does not remove all the dirts so you need to double cleanse it with cleansing water.Its eeky how i find dirts on the cotton swabs even after face wash.
This step is crucial for me since i have 1-2 breakouts once a month and i like to keep my pores free from clogging.
I use Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner (Reviewed HERE)
HOW TO USE-Pour the cleansing water on cotton swab and wipe your face from inside to outside.
(Not outside to inside.Remember you are trying to get the dirts away from your face)
Do this for your neck and ears too.
 Step 3 Serum- Usually toner is followed after double cleansing but Innisfree Serum is Unique and we have to use that before the toner. (As demonstrated by Innisfree consultant from Korea).
Choose a serum that meets your skin care needs. This one is esp to moisturize the skin and it is perfect for winter.Plus Green tea has anti oxidants.
I use Pore control serum(Reviewed HERE) or Vit C brightening serum is summer(Reviewed HERE)
HOW TO USE-Take 2 pumps and lightly dab it all over the face,neck and ears like you are playing PIANO
 Step 4 Toner- Though most people think toner is only for oily skin people, it is equally essential for dry skin too.
As the name suggests,it tones the skin, adds elasticity ,reduces pore and makes the skin firm.
I use Etude House AC clinic toner (Reviewed HERE)esp formulated for those with acne prone skin.
HOW TO USE-Pour it on cotton swab and lightly wipe the face from inside to outside +neck+ears.
 Step 5 Eye cream- The skin around the eye is the most delicate part of the face and is the first to show signs of ageing.
I don't have dark circles but have slight puffiness from time to time.
Hence i chose an eye cream to reduce the puffiness at the same time provide hydration.
HOW TO USE- take a pea size and dab it lightly around the eyes-both upper and lower lids.
Start from the inner corner and lightly pat it.
Use eye creams that are dermatologically tested.
They can be applied on the waterline as well.
 Step 6 Moisturizer- I use water based moisturizer in summer.
But lately i've shifted to Etude House ac clinic lotion (Reviewed HERE) to prevent acne outbreaks.
HOW TO USE- Take a dime size and massage it thoroughly in upward motion on the face+neck+ears.
 Step 7 Intense Moisturizer/Sunscreen- Moisturizing is followed by sunscreen.
But in my case i want to prevent flaky skin so i've added an extra moisturizer from Innisfree Green tea seed cream.
I find this cream to be a bit too oily for summer use.
But for winter it is perfect.
HOW TO USE IT- Take a dime size and massage it thoroughly in upward motion on the face+neck+ears.
Step 8 Lip Care- This step is very crucial for me as i have dry lips both in summer and winter.
SO come what may i always carry 2-3 lipbalms in my bag.
Currently loving EOS spherical lip balms.(Reviewed HERE)
Its not ultra moisturising but i don't mind re-application. 
Step 9 Hand creams-After everything is done, i take a generous amount of Marks and Spencer Magnolia hand and nail cream.
Moderately moisturizing and i re-apply everytime i wash my hands.

Of course if i have to go out i apply the usual BB creams,blush etc after this skin care regime.

OCCASIONAL BREAKOUTS- I use ENCA pinky powder (will review soon) to reduce the swelling and Tretinion+clindamycin gel to prevent scarring of zits.

Yes, there are 9 Steps but it is not as tedious as it sounds.
Maximum the whole process takes about 10-15 minutes.wait for 15-30 seconds after each product application.The first few days maybe exhausting but treat this like a ritual for "me" time and you ll eventually love it.
I do this morning and evening.
20 minutes is all it takes to have beautiful skin.

I've been following this routine for more than a year now.
(with different products)
Lately i've been receiving a lot of compliments for my skin.
It feels so soft and smooth- basically like a baby's bottom.



  1. you really ve great skin Phil :) how was your dnb?? Joined somewhere??

  2. I wag to try out Innisfree too! Their products seem really promising.

  3. I really want to try the L'Oreal cleanser but right now I am using Clean and Clear (:

  4. I love these posts -I'm so nosy haha! I love the look of the Scrublet with the L'Oreal cleanser.
    I tried the Etude House Pore Freshner and wasn't that keen, but I might not have been using it right - I'm going to read your review now! :)

    Jess xo

  5. Hehe I love d scrublet too
    Im addicted to cleansing water now :-P

  6. I used clean and clear during my teens :-)

  7. So far im loving them

  8. Hehe yea
    Etude house n innisfree free r from same mother brand

  9. Mine broke out the first few days but its probably from the skin getting used to new products. After a week it was all smooth n soft. I love skin care :-P

  10. Cant compromise on skin care :-P

  11. Dnb was sucky
    Expecting aipg to be d same
    Gave interview for safdarjung
    Cz im broke n need money to support my expensive lifestyle lol

  12. I myself use M&S Jasmine Hand/Nail cream, especially during winters. Just started using Innisfree Seed cream, looking forward to some good results.

  13. I also used this loreal cleanser bt the scrublet things gets unhygienic to use....btw now we know the secret of ur beautiful skin!

  14. Woah we have the exact skintype and i was just looking to make some changes coz of the weather! Eying the innisfree products u mentioned..lovely post :)

  15. Wow, at first I thought you use lots of different products, but then I counted mine and I use 6 as well (+ lip balm and hand creme).
    Do you wait in between useing the different products (like after the serum)?

  16. Lovely products <3 I definitely need to include hand creams in my skincare routine too. My hands have been quite dry recently :(

    Bella /

  17. this is excellent, you understand your skin so well and take care of it... I am a lazy girl all I go is cleansing and moisturizing in day and a night cream to end day :(

  18. ahem ahem so this is the secret behind your ever glowing skin ;) Amazing..loved it!! And me too love innisfree, their products are so good and natural!!

  19. too much work but its a great post:))

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  21. playing PIANO <- will remember this :D

    I am loving the seed cream cream and serum from innisfree. both are great. You don't use any sunscreen?

  22. I used the lotus 100 spf n Vichy soliel matte sunscreen
    However I find them too dry for winter.
    Still trying to find d ideal winter sunscreen.
    At the moment im just alright with my bb cream with spf 50.
    Though I use sunscreen even indoor
    For the past 2-3 months I ve skipped separate sunscreen and focused more on preventing flakes :-P
    Will update once I find d perfect sunscreen :-)

  23. Now that is some routine! M&S Magnolia is my favorite fragrance too!



  24. All the best :-P

  25. Haha I get that a lot from people :-P

  26. And decently priced too

  27. Hehe it needs lotsa motivation
    But I love the ritual
    It's my "me" time

  28. I love hand creams too

  29. After each product I wait 15-30 seconds :-)

  30. Im also planning to include a night intensive cream
    Might take a while

  31. M&S is indeed pocket friendly. Just started using Innisfree, let's see how it fairs for me. :D

  32. Mine dries quickly so I don mind
    I also use a sponge scrublet but I change that every month since I find sponges more unhygienic

  33. M &s hand cream is so pocket friendly
    Innisfree needs about a month to see good results

  34. Wow !! Except fr the loreal cleanser, i knew any of the prodcts at all !! in short a collection of etude house and Innisfree !!

  35. Oh thats quite extensive routine .. My skin starts breaking out if I layer too many products :/

  36. WOW awesome stuffs you are using dear :)

  37. is this a nightly process as well?

  38. Dermatologists have an advantage when choosing makeup - they know what ingredients are beneficial and which should be avoided. Finding out what makeup they wear helps us to figure out which makeup might be best for our skin as well.

  39. These products must be with awesome results but what i liked the most is the way you presented here about its usage. I am sure this steps will be helpful to people; dose'nt matter what product they are using.