Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Stamping Plates From My Online Shop

I have been very busy the past few days and have absolutely no time for blogging.
The hectic schedule will go on for some more days.
Lately i have kept my nails polish-free as i got bored of stamping and wanted some new plates for inspiration.
If you are a STAMPAHOLIC like me then i'm sure you have heard of "MY ONLINE SHOP" by now.
This shop stores one of the best stamping plates with unique designs and affordable prices.
She recently launched her JR Plate collection.
All of which can be see on her Store Envy store HERE.
Each plate is priced at $7.50
I got 7 plates and the shipping rate to India was $14.50 (approx Rs.1000)
The shipping rate depends on weight and number of plates you purchase.
The product was shipped from Phillipines and i received it within 10 days.
You can visit her Facebook Page HERE
I have stamped 8 of my fav images from each plate.
So you can check out the stamping quality.
The stamp easy peasy and if there is any problem in the quality you can mail them.
The customer service is promt and efficient.


Will do a nail art with the plates soon.
Until then do let me know which plate is your favourite.


  1. These look really cute :)

  2. Such pretty stamping plates!! Curious to see the nail paint art :)
    Check out my latest post.

  3. Mash stamping polish

  4. Thanks for dropping by

  5. Wow! Those are great! I have never done nail stamping. I wish I could do my nails. Maybe I should do my toes? :)
    I always love your blog!

  6. Nice plates. I really liked JR14 and JR29

  7. I love MoYou plates! There are more than a few here that I would like to add to my stash!

  8. thats A LOT of plates ;)

  9. you should definitely try them

  10. hehe will make them soon

  11. i love jr 29, its so unique

  12. these ressemble moyou plates

  13. hehe a girl can never hv enough

  14. What I REALLY meant to say is that I love MoYou plates and these remind me of them. I already own several MyOnline Shop plates and I love them!

  15. thats great...would love to see some nail arts now!

  16. they look amazing... which polish do you use to stamp ?