Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub Review

Everyone deserves a Spa body scrub therapy.
What do you do when you can't afford to go to a spa?
Ans- "Bring the Spa to You" :p

And The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub is just the right trick for it.
The best part is- it will last you upto 2 months or even more.
So that means 60 days of non-stop pampering :)

It comes in a round tub with the most appealing picture of Olives on the lid.
Its a screw-on lid so there is no leakage and it is pretty sturdy.
Travel friendly.
200 ml.

You can use a wooden spatula like i do to scoop out the products if you are concerned about the hygiene.
The scrub is made from crushed Olives as the name suggests.
The grains are not very coarse nor too fine that it won't exfoliate.
I take a scoop of it ,concentrate on a particular part of the body and scrub for about 2 minutes.
Yes,my palms go a little numb lol
I repeat the process on the remaining areas and rinse off without any soap or shower gel.
It leaves the body feeling really soft and smooth.
Doesn't strip the body of its natural oil nor does it provide extra moisturizer .

But after the exfoliation, i get this squeaky clean feeling from removal of all the dead cells.
I think its perfect esp during transitioning from winter to spring.

Yes,it is very time consuming and messy.
i take about 1 hour .But then thats the whole reason why its called pampering .
It has a strong raw Olive smell.
And it is something that needs getting used to esp if you are using it for the first time.

You may feel like it is a little pricey Rs.995 for 200 ml.
But you will realise that it's very reasonable seeing that one tub will last for more than 2 months compared to one Spa therapy that costs Rs.1500.
*PR sample*


  1. I have never tried anything from the Olive range just because of the smell. Can one get used to it? Then, I will surely love to to try the scrub from the range. I loved the picture when your showed it on a toothpick. Its showed very cleary how thick the scrub is and how big those beads are <3

  2. I have always longed for a nice luxurious body scrub :P

  3. It sounds quite nice! The smell of olive is a bit off to me, I think that would deter me from trying it.

  4. Oh wow ! I wanna try this, Seems like an amazing product :D
    xoxo <3

  5. Its definitely relaxing but time consuming.
    So you can try these on weekends :)
    when u want extra pampering

  6. it definitely needs getting used to .
    So i started out by using the Olive Body butter and gradually shifted to the scrub.
    It has a very raw smell .

    And thanks <3
    i use a wooden spatula to dig into the scrubs as dipping fingers makes me feel uncomfortable lol

  7. my favorite scrub <3

  8. i never tried this product, thanks for the review

  9. i never tried this product, but i'd love to...

    thank's for rewiew