Thursday, May 2, 2013

OST Vit C 20 Serum Review

 Many of us are still new to the concept of including serums in our daily skin care regime.
Even i started using them just a year back and since then it has become an indispensable part of my routine.
This is my second serum bottle.

What is a Serum?
Serums are a skin care product with high concentrations of certain active ingredients. These ingredients can be things like hyaluronic acid (to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles), vitamin C (to brighten the skin and help reduce the appearance of pigmentation and age spots) or glycolic acid (an exfoliant), to name just three.

Difference Between a Serum and A Moisturizer?
Moisturizers are formulated to keep the skin hydrated by putting a protective barrier between it and the outside. Serums are formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver key ingredients.

You can read more about Vit C serums HERE

It comes in a tinted glass bottle .
Tinted because Vit C gets oxidised on exposure to sunlight.
I prefer to keep it in its original box and keep it somewhere cool.
Once the Vit C is oxidised it will be of no use to your skin.
You can know that your vit C serum is spoilt if the clear fluid starts turning yellow.

It comes with a dropper .
And you can easily monitor the amount of product you use.
It has watery and little sticky consistency.
Spreads easily.
And gets rapidly absorbed.
Feels sticky on the face for the initial 5 seconds and then makes your skin really smooth.

It has a very nice citrus smell.
But the smell fades once applied.
I use this after cleansing my face before applying moisturiser.
Just take 2 drops and lightly pat it all over the face focusing in the areas i want to brighten.
Last month i was going through the pimple phase and i got tiny zits on my chin that left behind red spots.
Whenever i go out i needed to use a concealer.
I used this product consistently morning+evening and have seen slight reduction in the redness.
But the one spot near the corner of the nose is still persisting.
It gets concealed with foundations/BB creams though.

Many people have claimed to see improvement from day 5 of using the product.
However in my case it is taking really long .
But different people have different skin types so i probably need to use this for longer duration.
You can clearly see the improvement in the pic.
My face feels firmer and more toned.
I'll use this for a month more and re-update the post to show the improvement.

You can buy it from HERE

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  1. very nicely reviewed as usual :) how much does it retail for?

  2. I use a Clearly Corrective serum from Kiehl's, it really helps with my acne spots. It has activated c and white birch in it, I think.

  3. in fact its half the price of the usual serum i was using :p

  4. i've tried it.
    didnt really help. :(

  5. Sounds really awesome! I havent used lots of serums/ oils before but this does sound lovely

  6. even i have been using them for just a year now :)

  7. I really like the shape of your lips. lol Good thing that it worked on you. :)

  8. haha thanks :p

    but its working reallllllly slow on me :(

  9. Great! Can really tell the difference..
    I've tagged you in a post.. Do check it out here's+Corner+!)

  10. Oh really!.. glad to know a different aspect of Awungshi... but still I wonder who takes all these photo of yours in different product reviews :-P

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  12. is it suitable for oily skin?

  13. ohhh so cool review!! i want a product like this :)