Monday, May 13, 2013

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun Spf100 Sunblock Review

 I received some sweet emails from silent readers thanking me for introducing Korean brands like Etude House, BRTC and some from polish lovers for letting them know about Indie Polishes <3
I love reading all your mails and i'll do my best to reply to each one of you.
In the meantime, i will also try to introduce more international brands to my Indian readers and vice versa.

My entrance exam got over yesterday.
Don't ask me how it was.
Afterall exams are never nice ;p

Today i will be reviewing the much awaited Lotus Herbal SPf 100+ sunblock.
I have been using this non stop for almost a month now and its high time to review.

Firstly, i want to expalin the difference between sunscreen and sunblock in just one line.
"Sunscreen filter the sunrays ,keeping out most of the harmful rays but allow some in While Sunblock reflects the the sunrays away from the area of application thus blocking the rays from penetrating the skin"
 SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. 
For example, an SPF of 20 would allow you to stay in the sun 20 times longer than you could without protection.
 So, if your skin starts to redden in 20 minutes without sun block, applying a product with SPF20 increases that time by a factor of 20, meaning you could stay in the sun for 400 minutes
The new Lotus Herbal spf 100 sunblock comes in a 30 ml orange round cylindrical shaped container with pump dispenser and a cap.
I love the pump system as it is really hygienic but the only con is you have to be really careful about the amount you want while pumping as when excess comes out you can't put it back.
Well, you can always apply it on your hands if you want.
But seeing the price tag i'm sure you will save it for your face only :p

It is tinted with slight orange undertone.
Has very mild refreshing licorice and citrusy fragrance.
I need just one pump for my face.
It spreads easily and gets rapidly absorbed leaving my face really smooth and moisturised.
(However if you pump put tooooo much sunblock, absorption can be tough)
The best part is i don't need to use additional moisturiser before applying it.
It takes care of my dry skin and at the same time is not at all greasy.
So i'm sure it will be helpful for those with oily skin too.
It doesn't leave behind a white cast like most sunblocks do.
 The tint allows me to use it as a daily wear when i'm not in the mood for heavy foundations/BBcreams.

I haven't seen any whitening effect but it gives a dewy effect .
And after using this for almost a month i have noticed that my dry patch on the chin and cheeks have been reduced to almost non existent now.
(Believe me ! i have tried everything possible to reduce the dryness-Glycerine,Kiehl's ultra moisturiser, OFRA vit C moisturiser....etc etc)
So yes, i am very happy with the result.

1.Gives good protection from sunrays
2.Can be used as tinted moisturiser.
3.Rapidly absorbed.
4.No white cast.
5.Prevents tan and it protects my freckles from getting worse.

1.Expensive Rs.745
2.I wish the quantity was more. 
this one is only 30 ml.
Mine is almost getting over :(

Lotus Herbal Safe Sun Spf100 Sunblock LAUNCH bloggers meet HERE.

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  1. sounds like a really good product though it does burn a hole in the pocket

  2. i know.... but i won't mind buying it because its the only product that has helped in reducing my dry patches :)

  3. i so wanna try this next .. great review

  4. whoa, this much for a lotus product? Hmmmm

  5. hi5 Awungshi...I'm writing on it since morning today ...
    I loved your review here, my take is ever so slightly different...

  6. i know... that too for 30 ml

  7. i don't think it will suit those with very oily skin .
    You should try something with matte effect :)

  8. Nice and detailed review
    SPF 100 great a must have one for Chennai hot weather :( but Pricey

  9. SPF 100 ??!! Sounds like a great deal to me ! However I wonder if it would suit my very oily face?? Wht do u think?

  10. whats your skin type?:)

  11. haha yea...
    but i wont mind buying it as it did great for my dry skin and patches :)

  12. you will love this if you have dry skin like me <3