Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reasons to love winter :)

with my new fav yellow dress
i hate winter...though my hometown is a hill station (Ukhrul,Manipur.North east india) 
and its almost always winter out there.
everyday is like a walk in the cloud. 
and yet the only thing i like about winter are trench coats and boots :p (duhhh!!)
i already own a black heeled boots so tis winter i really wanted to buy a flat brown one that will go with everything- dresses,hot pants and slim jeans.

when i saw this darl chocolate brown suede boots i fell in love with it. i knew i must have it hehe
it took me a lot of patience n waiting to get this one .

 i love how versatile it is!!!
it goes with skirts & even with slim jeans.
its lined with wool inside so there s no way i'm wearing it in summer. And d tassles make it look so very girly (and believe me ..i cant resist anything girly) :)

dress- a retailer in Delhi 
belt - Forum kolkatta
watch - fast track
boots- online.

lipstick- maybelline bronze orange
blush - Faces cream blush (peach)
with slim jeans

hat- darjeeling 
hooded black sweat shirt- pepe jeans 
green bag - tibetan mall 
high waist slim jeans- kolkatta AC market

P.S. oh n i tried curling my hair. it didnt stay long coz the fog wore it down... :( and i wasn't wearing any hairsprays.


  1. god.. ur so tiny LOL. Last pic is really cute and fun looking :D

  2. haha... thank u :p