Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the correct way to wash your hair...

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We have been washing our hair for so long.
But have we ever wondered if we are doing it the right way?
so..."the correct way to wash your hair?" , you must be wondering..."is she kidding?"
well,im not.

i've been washing and conditioning my hair for the past 2 decades and i thought i was pretty good at it.
and that was before i came to bihar!! you see ...i have naturally poker straight hair and no matter how much i abused it (coloring and never combing!!)it never gave up on me. 
but now..no matter how much i care for it it just wont stop falling!!! (omg!!whats going on..m growing bald :p)

so i asked my fren's sister who owns a saloon in mumbai (ZIDO saloon) to give me some tips on use of professional hair products.

these are her exact words
 "Shampoo n conditioner thesis :p
Use a coin size amt of d shampoo,on wet hair, apply all over ur scalp,n massage gently. 
Never take more shampoo,if u dnt find ur hair lathering(this just means ur hair is dirty :p). 
Incase ur hair dnt lather enuf,rinse d hair n shampoo again,this time with slightly lesser product.
 Rinse hair thoroughly,till all d shampoo is out,then squeeze out all d excess water.
 Again take a coin size of the conditioner n apply it over ur ends n midlength.
 Take a wide tooth comb n detangle ur hair,starting from ends,n then slowly working it up to ur midlengths. 
Avoid d conditoner touching ur roots,coz dat'll just make d hair greasy real soon:(.
 Incase ur hair still feels rough aft detangling,take a small amt of d conditioner n apply over rough areas,n then massage d hair like ur milking a cow.
 I knw its funny bt d 'milking d cow' technique/emulsifying hair is what makes d product seep into ur hair better.
 Rinse conditioner thoroughly with cool water for best result "


  1. @peachesandblush thank u !! m one of ur devoted followers hehe...

  2. so did u try "milking d cow" tech on hair..... ;)

  3. There are techniques to wash hair???
    Thanks for sharing :) I'll try ;D

  4. omzzz !! very prety .. !! nd the blog will helpfull fr me as i have a new born child in my family :)

  5. Interesting post!