Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And she screams "HAIRBANDS!!"...

i love hair accessories...i can never stop buying them.
when i go to a mall i get stuck to the accessories section (my mom finds that annoying!!lol she s more of a cloth hauler)

so when i saw this hairband on sale at "krucarnations" for 115 bucks ONLY!!
i went for it right away :)

it came by govt. postal service so u can imagine the condition. it was broken and torn in 3 places...
ah the tragedy!!!(my heart shattered into million pieces)

i wanted it too badly so didnt have the heart to throw it away .i decided to customise it.
its actually a hair band but i sow the torn areas and made it into a bandana kind.

i love how it turned out
u can get it from KRUCARNATIONS