Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toni & Guy Straight and Protect (shampoo and conditioner)

My hair has been getting worse lately- dull and coarse.
i hate the water in Bihar(too much iron and other minerals since we mostly get underground water).
i miss home (ie manipur)...the water there makes hair so soft, im nostalgic just thinking about it :(

Toni & Guy is the first professional hair product i've used.
after i had ordered it i tried finding some reviews about it
OMG!!! ter are too many bad reviews.
i felt terrible. i cursed myself that i shouldn't have ordered it at all!!

but since i had ordered the 75 ml bottle,i was like "wel,i l just get over with it."

and then a miracle happened. i loveee the shampoo and conditioner!!

the shampoo looks like honey.
minty (a little like my uncle's Old spice)

white creamy

RESULT on hair-
1.leaves behind mild smell. Many comment they dont like it but i feel like it makes me feel fresh and as if i ve just walked out of the shower :p

2.makes the hair very very soft to touch

3.it has brought back the shine in my hair

4.it secretly treats dandruff!!!(what a bonus!!)

1. does not do much to treat flyaways :(
             2.the bottle is hard and tough to take out the conditione
r (i've to hit it against my palm repeatedly)

Direction for use - read my previous blog HERE

i use the shampoo and conditioner together so i'm not very sure how the result wil be if used separately.

shampoo -
aqua, sodium laureth sulfate , cocamide DEA, cocamidoproply betaine, sodium chloride, ployquaternium 10, parfum.

aqua,cetyle alcohol,dimethicone, stearamidopropyln dimethylamine cyclopentasiloxane, glycerine, parfum .

160/- each

rating 4/5

will i buy it again? - yes. but now i'm eyeing FUDGE smooth shot Shampoo n conditioner :)


  1. Could you please share the ingredients list.. whether it has any harmful chemicals

  2. the shampoo definitely has sodium laureth sulfate . but in very minute amount hence it doesnt lather well. but its a good thing because sodium lauryl sulphate is actually bad for the hair. so don't worry if your hair doesnt lather with this shampoo.

    1. Thank you dear.. for sharing.. Till now i am using Matrix Opti Care .. Planning to get this..

  3. Have you tried the herbal essence dangerously straight shampoo and conditioner. I am planning to get it

    1. @beauty never dates- no i havent tried it. i'm eyeing fudge smooth shot. m too broke to buy them at the moment lol

  4. Finding good haircare products is more difficult than finding your prince charming these days!

  5. Oh, this seems perfect for my hair!