Monday, November 18, 2013

Nanshy Luxury Brush Set Review

 A quick look at this clutch and you'll be like "awwwwwww such a pretty party clutch"
In fact you will be awed into oblivion if i tell you this elegant thing is actually a "brush holder" containing all the essential brushes (face+eyes) :p
Today i will be introducing you ladies to Nanshy Luxury Brush Set.
While there has been a lot of rage around Real technique brushes , in India we are yet to hear/read about Nanshy Brushes.
PRICE-24.96 GBP (Rs.2500 approx)
Shipping rate to India -6.76 GBP (Rs.700 approx)

Makeup Brush Set  – 13 Eye, Lip and Face Brushes
Ergonomic Handles for comfortable application
Bristles Soft on Your Face – & Yet Strong at the Base
Antibacterial Synthetic Bristles
No Bristle Shedding
Designed, Hand Assembled, & Extensively Tested in the UK
100% Vegan – Cruelty Free – Approved by
FREE Elegant Designer Make up Brush Set  Case Included!
Angled Brow Brush
Liner Brush
Small Shadow Brush
Crease Brush
Shadow Brush
Fluffy Shadow Blending Brush
Concealer Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Powder/Foundation Brush
Foundation Brush
Powder Brush
Eyelash/Eyebrow Spoolie
Angled Blush Brush

i had been searching high and low for an affordable brush set.
And this set answered my prayers.
It comes in the prettiest package.
No make up lover can resist it.
Ultra travel friendly.
Whenever i have to go on a trip,no more fussing about which brush to take and how.
Just pack this and i'm covered both face and eyes.
The handle is very unique and though you may think it will be awkward but surprisingly it fits snuggly between my fingers and make manoeuvring the brushes easier.

Though i love all the brushes,my favourites would be the Foundation brush and Fluffy shadow blending brush.
The foundation brush makes applying bb cream fuss free and i love how soft the bristles are. 
 I'm still sorting out the eye shadow brushes.
But i've noticed that they pick up the colors so well i don't even need to use sponge applicator.
I dab the brushes directly on the eyeshadows and behold amazing pigmentation without unnecessary wastage.
The eye brushes are really soft too and ever since i've started using them,blending has become a piece of cake.
I just cannot stop raving about them.
These have become so essential in my daily make up life.
I don't travel without them.

I've been using this for more than 2 months now and even on weekly washing have not experienced any shedding.
Most of the time i use Sephora Brush cleanser to clean them when i'm in a hurry.
Sorry my posts has been sparse lately.Busy with exams and interviews.
I had an interview today and they asked me about "RAMAYAN" lol
and to translate "you are very beautiful" in Maithali (Bihari language)
Seriously????!!!! WTH, so i've decided that i'm going to study All Indian EPICS for my next interview lol
Btw the interview was for JUNIOR RESIDENT DOCTOR (in case you are wondering :p)
I still have an exam on 30 th Nov and will be free the whole month of DECEMBER!!! 
will spam you all with my daily posts :p

SO many things to do, so little time.


  1. the brush set is so cute!:) lovely review!♥

  2. brushes looks so adorable...

  3. Loved the look and design of these brushes!

  4. I have no idea for what each brush is :P
    but they look absolutely adorable :) even a nerd like me would hoard these!!

  5. Nicola Jayne RobinsonNovember 18, 2013 at 10:32 AM

    Really different.. love these brushes :)

  6. the brushes look super cute and omg LOL at your ramayana interview haha XD.

  7. The brushes looks so cute and adorable :D

  8. I love them too

  9. I know right?
    Btw sita was from bihar

  10. Thanks for dropping by

  11. Hehe it's easy once you get to know them

  12. And it's so travel friendly

  13. yes .. You can help me with some whenever I travel LOL

  14. Haha. My driver speaks Maithili language...very proud of the fact that he's from Sita's village.
    These brushes are beautiful and I love the pouch they are in. Though, do you really need so many brushes?

  15. The brushes look very cute!! am looking for a good quality set too..

  16. Awwww these look super cute and pretty <3

  17. Ha ha ha they really asked you such things for the interview.. :D :D the set looks really good.

  18. I am not usually tempted by new brushes, I love the ones I have, but this is very tempting!

  19. These are really pretty hehe

  20. Haha yea
    I m so confused whether it was a good or bad interview lol

  21. Damn! I wish I had ur driver then I wont be like " ummm sir, is it sita?" lol

  22. Brushes r getting so expensive these days

  23. They also hv separate foundation brush set n eye make up brush set.

  24. Haha sure
    Im still trying n sorting which brush to use where.
    Don't wanna mix liquid and powder

  25. these look kinda 'healthy' - you know what I mean! great find

  26. Great brush set and all the best for your next exam, be prepared for all the mahabharat and ramayan. ;)

  27. The brushes looks so pretty!!

  28. These brushes are so peculiarly designed :) glad that we have some good options other than the usual RT, sigma stuff :)

  29. i know..i was getting fed up of them