Sunday, June 2, 2013

EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm Review

 Guess who finally got her hands on EOS lipbalm?
I am totally a lipbalm person.
I have 2 of them stashed in each bag i carry.
Having ultra dry lips a lipbalm is a must have .

I read about these balms a year back.
But then those days i was a novice when it came to online shopping lol
Now i've upgraded to almost pro hehe
While the pocket money and savings have plummeted to zero.

 EOS- stands for Evolution of Smoothness.
And they have cute package (almost comparable to Asian ones)
Their products are limited and consists of Lipbalms,Chapsticks,Hand/body lotion and Shave cream.
And is a rage among the HOLLYWOOD celebrities.

Today i have the Sphere Lipbalm for review.

They come in 6 flavors.
Strawberry Sorbet
Summer fruit
Sweet mint
Honey suckle
Medicated tangerine
Lemon drop(with spf 15)
It comes in a cute Sphere.
The colors differ according to the flavors.
The lids fit perfectly .
Only con would be - the ingredients are not written on the sphere and once the plastic cover is removed,There's no way of knowing the flavors (Unless you know it from before)

It is firm and not easily dented.
You can carry it around even in extreme temperatures knowing it won't soften.

Summer fruit has a strong Ripe plum flavor.
And everytime i apply it i'm reminded of my hilly hometown and the fresh air there.
It's nostalgic.

It tastes sweet .
Initially i didn't realise but later when i did OMG i couldn't stop licking my lips after applying it lol
(bad thing! as licking dries out the lips more but hey its not my fault :p)
It looks ultra cute.
Does its job of moisturising the lips well.
Not very long lasting but i don't really care.
Smells and tastes heavenly.
Its clear and not tinted.
Will last for months.
And if you are wondering what will happen once the lip balm dome is used up.
Don't worry .You won't have to scoop it out as that's all there is.
A great buy for Lip balm junkies like me.
PRICE- $3.29 (approx Rs.200)

I got mine from
(who sells it at higher price $6.20)

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  1. Always wanted to try one.. looks so pretty..

  2. I just wish all these products Including wet and wild comes down to India ! Y do they always leave us behind !! :(
    Cant wait to try this lip balm :D the review is well written :D
    xoxo <3

  3. Adorable packaging...

  4. me too...i 've been longing for these since i first laid eyes on them

  5. i know what you mean :(
    and d worst part is when they do come.
    the prices will be almost double !!! :(

  6. i knowww right?
    and the colors are lovely..mostly pastel

  7. so cute and small packaging... interesting..!! not like the regular balm stick/ chap sticks.

    Besides love that kitty.. it so cutee :D

  8. hehe thanks <3

  9. GReat to find the review here.Infact I have been wanting this from years now and everytime someone visits US , i forget this. This time I have listed it : ) Hope to enjoy it soon !



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  10. Nice Review... good to know about this one also, will surly try :)

  11. i'm so in love with this lip balm,'s awsome!

  12. nice review ... loved the blog .... wanna enjoy the lip balm

  13. The hello kitty lip balm is very cute

  14. i would love to try *.*

  15. I was thinking about it too that after many uses the dome will disappear and then one would have to use a lip brush or finger to apply it . The price is a bit high so i don't think i would be buying it :(

  16. I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want another eos lip balm i adore it! so good :)

  17. it is so cute i lovdd the package the most :)

  18. loved the packaging :) i want this

  19. which one is better, eos or burts bee? i really want to try eos, but i read negative reviews that it's not moisturizing

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