Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skinmiso T-zone Serum Review

 Having combination skin i'm prone to oily T-zone and occasional zits popping out esp in that area.
So i've been doing all that i can to combat that.
For over a month now i've included this serum to my day time skin care regime while continuing to use OST Vit C serum for the night time.(Reviewed HERE)
Today i will be reviewing this new serum.
Read on to know more about it.

It comes in a translucent glass bottle that is fitted with a dropper lid.
Most serums comes in this way as it makes it easier for us to regulate the amount of products we want.
Its only 30 ml.
PRICE- $34.99
You can buy it HERE
T-Zone Serum Makes your skin to be soft and silky. 
+ Pore Tightening
+ Pore Purifying
+ Control Excessive Sebum
+ Skin Elasticity
+ Actualize Velvet-looking skin !

The serum is a frosty liquid.
The consistency is a little thicker than water.

It has a very nice fruity refreshing smell that lingers for a while.

You just need 2-3 drops for your T-zone.
I Put it in my palm and lightly dab it all over the T-zone and continue dabbing in a Piano playing motion.
This allows better circulation and hence absorption.
It gets rapidly absorbed leaving my skin soft and smooth.
The Oil control action is a very slow one.

It took me about 20 days to really start seeing the difference.
So if you expect a miracle overnight or if you are impatient then this might not work for you.
Good things take time.
The oil control is subtle.
Its been over a month now.I still feel oily on my T-zone.
But the pores look smaller.
It hasn't had much effect on the monthly hormonal zit break out.
I don't really mind that as long as its just 1-2 zits which clears off by itself.

Overall, i would say my T-zone feels smoother and softer.
The oil control is minimal (i wish it had more oil controlling ability)
The pores look smaller.
It's not a must have product in the skin care.
I think a normal Vit C serum can do its job.
So it's up to you if you wish to try it or not.
The product that didn't work for me might work for you :)


  1. wow seems to be an awesome product .

  2. It is . You should try it 👸

  3. Ah this sounds so promising, what a shame it wasn't great for oil control - that'd be the main reason I'd want to try it!

    Jess xo