Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen Review

Jealousness is famous among the Asian beauty bloggers for its eye liner.
So that is another new brand introduction for my Indian readers :)
Read on to find out if this product worked for me or not.
It comes in a girly bright pink pen with floral details drawn in black.
Looking from outside nobody will think its a pen liner.
It just looks like a very pretty pen.
Something Reese Witherspoon from Legally blond would use.

The felt tip is soft and tapering.
Can be used to draw thin lines precisely.
The flow of the liner is also good.
It is very pigmented and one swipe can be used to create a thin deep black line.
Helps creating cat-eye easily.
Dries quickly after application
The liner doesn't smudge.
And claims to be waterproof but i found that on my lids the aren't.
After few hours of wearing it they start getting uneven so i prefer to re-line it with my Loreal gel liner.
it comes in only one shade 
so there is not much of an option there.
If you would like to try it then go ahead.
Many people have good experience with this liner.
The soft tip Helps in making quick precise lines esp for cat eyes /winged looks.
Can be used on waterline without any irritation.
Easy to carry around and can be used to touch up the eye make up anywhere.
But is not waterproof on me.
or i guess i was expecting too much from it and it didn't reach my expectations.
The price is a little on the expensive side for a pen liner.
You can buy it HERE
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*PR sample*


  1. 6, 2013 at 12:28 AM

    whoa! Your eyes look like doll's eyes as ever!! The color payoff is so intense on the eyes!

  2. Ya,the liner is really pigmented.
    My only prob with it would be d staying power.
    But these are so convenient and easy to use.
    makes cat eyes a piece of cake <3

    And thanks hehe

  3. nice review :) The liner looks good for precise lines... want this is my stash! :D

  4. Loved the color on your eyes. Seems to be a great product. Thanks for the lovely review. Would love to try this on my eyes.

  5. I love pen liners and this one is so, so pretty! I'd buy it for the packaging alone xo

  6. i would love to try :)

  7. seems really nice

  8. woah love it!! <3

  9. Seems nice, unfortunately it's so expensive :(

  10. i like the pigmentation and love the packaging :D where is it available? :D

  11. true.
    i use this to make the outlines and fill it with loreal gel liner :p

  12. i know right? so pink!

  13. i know.. its expensive for a pen liner

  14. it is mentioned in the post dear along with the links

  15. what a great review! <3

  16. Pen Liners are really easy.. especially for beginners.

  17. wowieeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. i always looking for a good and affordable liner. this liner was cool!

  19. nice tutorial and very cute packaging .

  20. There are so many asian beauty buys i want, this is now one of them :)lol

  21. Still, if you are going out for a short while, it would be really handy.

  22. I love this eyeliner so much, some beauty blogger has review about this eyeliner, and I hope I'll get this one soon ^^