Friday, June 14, 2013

Saffola Masala Oats FOODATHON

DATE- 8th June 2013
Venue- Blue frog,Mehrauli
Host- Saffola
The invitation was quirky and made me smile.
The theme was "healthy eating" so i wasn't surprised when the invitation card came in a box that contained nutritious fresh veggies.

Our table setting.
The Agenda.
 It's always fun to attend Foodathon.
We get to meet a lot of new people and broaden our horizon.
Plus the food is to die for.
This time we were served Ratatouille ,Linguini noodles,baked pumpkin and many more but the one i enjoyed the most was the lamb :p
Anyway , there was non stop flow of soft drinks and tacos with salsa.

 The contestants getting busy cooking.
 Chef Vikas Khanna doing what he does best.
 Some of the food made by the contestants.

The goody bag we got along with Chef Vikas Khanna's cook book which is ironically called "Khanna Sutra" :p
Had a great time making new friends.
And if you are wondering how many saffola Oat packets we got.
It is 30 lol
and 3 Muesli flakes pack (enough to last me a year since i rarely eat oats :p)
But then i tried the "tomato peppy" and it was pretty good.


  1. U shld try veggie twist . . . I brought 10 packets to US. Have only 3 left. I luv this. Its my new maggi. ( I do have maggi now and then)

  2. Really?
    I tried d pepper one too
    Wasn't really my type.
    Will try veggie twist next

  3. I was warned abt the pepper one . . . Dad is a diabetic. He was super happy wen saffola came up with these tastes.. . So he tasted and suggested me the veggie twist. So never tried the pepper one . . .

  4. you should try the peppy tomato :)

  5. I dont get it here :( . . . May be wen am back in India . . .

  6. awww.... when will u be back?

  7. Nt sure . .. bt soon. Will tell u wen am sure.

  8. at your suggestion I am having the veggie twist now.
    I love how I get bits of carrots n peas when I bite into it.
    Gives more texture as compared to the other flavors

  9. Yeah . . . Glad u like it too . . . Lemme see if I get these here . . .

  10. nice combo of tase and health with beauty ofcourse.

  11. nyc
    it really tastes very well .

  12. my brother like the Masala oats.. but not me :/