Saturday, March 23, 2013

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 37 review

 NEON alert...!!! *beep beep*
Tangerine was the color of 2012 so i couldn't help getting this pretty shade from Inglot.
I am not much of an Inglot buyer.
The thing is when i go to their store i'm overwhelmed with all the shades and my world gets color overloaded so i end up buying nothing.
Also i don't really fancy buying refills.

Finally i did get something from Inglot and has been keeping me in limelight with ladies coming up to me in Malls and Metro Stations asking me which lipstick i'm wearing :p

 SHADE no.37- 

It comes in a coin size pan. 
And a plastic cover that has a locking system so even if you don't have a palette ,you can still store it like that.

It has an expiry date of 3 years so i'm guessing that's a long long time.
Though the pan looks tiny it has a lot of products and the shade is soooo pigmented you wouldn't need to layer it too much.

It is a very bright (almost qualifies as neon)orangey red color.


It is very creamy yet not the kind that would melt and bleed. It is semi matte.
I use Vega Lip Filler to apply .
It applies easily but it is so pigmented that even if there is a slight mistake in drawing the outlines it becomes really obvious and i need to use wet wipes to restart painting all over again.


This lipstick has an amazing staying power upto 6-8 hours.
Stays on even after eating and drinking.
Doesn't get transfered to glasses...and ummm..have i told you how great it is?


Since the lipstick makes a statement by itself, i keep everything minimal 
(simple kohl lined eyes and teeny bit of blush over BB creams of course!)

I also dress down when i wear this eg a simple sequin collar shirt with palazzo.

Its not a shade you can wear everyday but when i'm down and need a lil push to lighten up my outfit, i turn to this :)
 PRICE- Rs.250
you can get it from any Inglot outlet or
both pictures taken in normal daylight without flash


  1. Wooowww what a colir girl !

  2. I have 103 from inglot and its nearly the exact same color. except its a stick one! I agree with you I have to apply it very carefully. I blot it a bit coz otherwise its just too bright. Love the smell!

  3. ohhh my.. thats a superb color.... You carried it so well..

  4. its really bright :p

  5. thanks girl.. you should start wearing urs too <3

  6. i have dry lips so i avoid blotting... it makes my lips too dry :(

  7. thank you so much <3

  8. wow ! it looks beautiful on you :)

  9. I'm off to inglot! ^_*

  10. hehe i go zombie like in inglot lol bcz ters too many colors to choose from

  11. aham aham <3 very nice review :)