Sunday, March 24, 2013

MASH Velvet Dust Set Review

 3D nails seems to be making the wave in nail art society.
Right from 3D flowers to velvet dust and textured nails.
When i think of velvet, all that comes to my mind are shoes and sofas lol

I was a bit skeptical about how it would fare,how long it would last 
and how would i bath wearing that . Plus doing the dishes ? hmmm...

 I was sent this Velvet Dust set by MASH for review purpose.
It costs only $5.99 .
You get a great deal for that price because the set contains 12 colorful Velvet dust in tiny containers (the size of a coin).
All the 12 boxes are packed in a transparent box so you can see right through it and differentiate between the colors.
The tiny containers has lids that has to be screwed .
So basically,it is travel friendly . 


 I use tweezer/forceps to pick up the dust and lightly graze it over the colored base before they dry.

I found that ENVY and VIVIANA works puurrfectly for flocking because they have thicker formulas.
So, they give more texture for the dust to settle in and dry.
While OPI has really thin runny formula and dries quickly , so the dust have thinner base and they fall off easily.

Anyway,i'm loving the effects.
Its like i have a mini furry pet on my nails lol
And since i'm really bad with animals i might just as well be content with what i have on my nails :p

 They last for a day without any thinning but i noticed that it gradually falls off and i'm left with thin velvet covering the base polish. 
Though it's short life span isn't really a turn off for me because i like to change my mani every 2-3 days (since i get bored looking at it)

You can Go HERE to buy it

My blog is going to celebrate 2nd year anniversary.
And MASH has sent some awesome goodies for my readers.
I am compiling all the prizes.
It is such a tough job. (phew!)
There will be 3 winners :)
SO keep your fingers cross for the giveaway.
It will start as soon as i've finished collecting the prizes.

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  1. Looks sooo cute!!!

  2. thank u... though the pink one has become really thin :p

  3. Ohhh...still veryy pretty!! :)

  4. thank you so much :)
    have you tried flocking?

  5. Not yet..want too..had even ordered the ones from MUA but it never reached :(

  6. awww... International shipping is really risky... :(

  7. omg ! i love it :D Cant wat to try this out :D
    xoxo <3

  8. OMG!!!! This is so cute! :) But to be honest, it's making me hungry. The pink one looks like sugar at first glance!

  9. wow its beautiful...were can i get them in mumbai india

  10. hehe,,,now that you've mentioned does look like cotton candy <3

  11. i'm not sure about mumbai.
    but maybe you can try beauty centre.

  12. Beautiful...I want mash plates will order them soon..:)

  13. I have nail furs from MUA.. its fun to play around with them

  14. Your nails look super cute..and it requires so much patience..Great


  15. So pretty >.< would love to try it :D

  16. i am gona have a mash giveaway soon :p

  17. haha yea..but can be a little messy

  18. u should <3

  19. They look so pretty

  20. omg fluffy nails!! :D <3 em!