Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gill Perect Shoulder Length Full Bangs BOB Wigs review

 Tired of the same old hairstyle but don't have the courage to cut your hair.
There is a simple solution,try wigs.
They come in varying colors and designs.
And you can always keep your real hair at its original length.
Though i love having long hair,i get bored at times so i like wearing wigs occasionally to give myself a makeover.


It comes in 6 colors.
They are synthetic hair.
It is soft and easy to comb.
I chose the color 8H124- it is deep ash blonde with lighter streaks on the right side of the head.
It has an adjustable belt behind near the nape of the neck so you can choose how tight or loose you want it to be.


it is shoulder length and has soft messy curls with lotsa volume.
It gives a very kawaii look.
You can buy it from
PRICE- $19.16
adjustable strap

 I can wear them when i try cosplay.
The color is subtle but people can tell i'm wearing a wig- though i don't mind them knowing.
They are easy to maintain .
And i definitely won't mind having more wigs :p

side view

1.face- Eude House moistful collagen bb cream (reviewed HERE)
2.Lips- Mary kay (shade Red) review coming up soon
3.Eyes- SLeek original palette.


PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. the wig is looking nice on you. Your the only person I know who is into wigs LOL. Do you ever wear them in public?

  2. yea, i wore the short bob one to kamla nagar on a date lol
    wigs are nice in winter.keeps me warm but super hot and annoying in summer :p

  3. lol yeah I would run away from the wig if it was during summer time XD.

  4. haha you dont even wanna imagine.
    its like having mini oven on the the head lmao.
    i didnt go anywhere on V-day.
    sad face*
    i got too lazy lol

  5. Wigs scare me! I always imagine them 1. falling off or 2. being ripped off my scalp. XD But yes, Bharti is right, you're the only person I know who loves wigs.. It suits you too. :) I would probably get a "normal" one to cover up all the colour. Lol!

  6. lol I had a date with the swimming pool. Then had chicken and bamboo shoot curry and rice for dinner. Very romantic way to confess my feelings towards myself XD.

  7. ths shock!- can you believe i have never tried chicken and bamboo shoot together?
    hmm...i dono where i misplaced my bamboo shoot stock :(

  8. haha... well..they rarely fall off...
    ripped off the scalp? (i don even wanna imagine-scary thot*)
    now i might try pastel colors lol

  9. looks great on you!!
    And I thought only I had a weird liking for wigs...hi-5 ;)
    I always wanted to try wearing wigs but used to shy away all the time. Seeing your post I got lil encouragement now...really wanna try the funky colored ones :D

  10. You look like a doll!!!! It's really nice to be able to change your look everyday :D

    You do cosplay??!! Do a Hatsune miku one :D hehe Or maybe sailor moon :D Ok i'm being stupid LOL

  11. yay hi 5!
    i'm dying to try the pastel ones now :)

  12. haha ..lets see...
    usually i'm too busy..and when i'm not-im too lazy lol

  13. I like very much, i never tried on me :)

  14. Interesting...Very interesting!

  15. Thanks for the post. Your review is really helpful and would also recommend you to keep posting similar reviews on wigs. Would love to read more from you. I specially love the last wig that you wear.