Sunday, February 17, 2013

WingDust Collections Multichrome Polishes Swatches

 I was never a big fan of multichrome polishes ie.until i swatched these lovelies from WingDust Collections.
I once tried some from Deborah Milano and was utterly disappointed.
But these ones are to die for.
And i can't seem to have enough of them.


Who's that lady is a very deep maroon based mutichrome polish with lotsa golden and maroon micro glitters.
They have a brownish tint too.
I love this polish because it gives a very sober womenly look .
And still has a fun touch to it.
This is by far my most fav color of them all.
Can be used for daily wear.
These polishes lasts really long on the nails and rarely chip


As the name suggests,Spring has sprung is a forest green multichrome polish with emerald green,blue and golden micro glitters.
This has a very fresh look.
And is ideal for spring and summer


And the star of the show is "Once in a Blue moon"
When Stephanie sent me these polishes,they had no names as they were part of the new collection,
so,she asked me if i had any idea and i gave her a list of what i thought this beauty should be called.
And we both loved the name "once in a blue moon " and hence decided on it.
It is a very very very (yes! 3 very s) pretty multichromed deep blue based polish with emerald green,blue and red glitter.

 I'm so in love this that i've been wearing it non-stop.

 Right now WingDust Collection is having sales on the previous editions to make room for the new ones.
You can check out her etsy shop HERE.

Two coats of each polish

PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. They look kind matte. Is it because of the photographs? But i love the colors either way! :D

  2. they are shimmery...but in a way that its not OTT.
    i love the effect.
    its not matte...umm..probably bcz of the sunlight reflection etc

  3. Wow ! Love the shades ! so so pretty :D