Friday, January 4, 2013

Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Feline Black Waterproof Mascara Review

 I am a big fan of mascaras and can never stop collecting them.
It should come as no surprise how excited i was when sent me one for review purpose.


 It comes in a very pretty golden package with leopard prints on it.
It looks very bold and pretty.
The lid is sturdy and travel friendly.


 There is only one shade ie black.


 The applicator is designed to give intense volume and length to the lashes.
It is neither too long nor too short.
I found the bristtles were a little difficult to use as it refused to cover some of my lashes even on repeated attempts.


 I normally use one coat of the mascara.
It dries really quick.
On applying 2-3 coats, it starts looking clump and spidery which i'm not a big fan of.
I found the brush of the applicator a little difficult to manouvere.
It gives intense length to the lashes but does not do much to enhance the volume.
It made my lashes too stiff and i did not give the natural look.

A bummer for those of you who are ingredient conscious as it contains parabens.


 It stays the whole day since it is water proof.
But can be easily removed by an oil or water based make up remover.

Recommended for those people with thick lashes who needs more length.
Ideal for any type of eye make up .

PRICE- $9.90

can be bought HERE
Use my code at the side bar to get additional 10% off.

without mascara

with one coat

with 2 coats- clumped effect :(

PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. Love the packaging!

  2. you have lovely eyes, but that mascara clumps!!

  3. packaging is real nice. and the work.. not so impressed. May be phill, try that out with an other mascara brush.. I wanna know how it ends up.

  4. hmm agree that mascara clumps as i can see, that's not good :)

  5. i agree with the girls! the packaging is great but i do'n like the result :(

  6. Love the packaging...but not the mascara :(

  7. i know.... but the mascara :(

  8. that s what i was thinking.

  9. me not a big fan of it

  10. same here :(

  11. The packaging is the most unique one of all mascara i have ever seen :D

    Even though it's not good, the packaging surely makes it a keeper :D

  12. true that packaging strikes you ... but I would never buy

  13. Aw I am sorry it is not the best out there! But hey, you got free mascara!

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