Saturday, January 12, 2013

BRTC Vitalizer Toner And Moisturiser Set Review

I'm not a big fan of winter.
Besides the boots and trench coats, i find winter dreadful esp because my skin starts to flake like snake shedding it's skin.
It looks and feels unpleasant.
So there's my sob story.
Hence, it is very important for me to use a good moisturiser .

Today i will be reviewing BRTC's Vitalizer toner and moisturiser set.
If you have dry skin like me esp in winter then you might want to try this out.



 It comes in a sturdy pump container.
And has a translucent lid.
The lid falls out easily so it may not be travel friendly
(though i did take it with me to Bangalore and it didn't spill .
But that's probably because i wrapped it in thick layers of bubble wrappers)


It is a transparent watery liquid.
After cleansing my face,i use two pumps for the entire face.
It's not sticky nor slimy.
Gets readily absorbed and my face already feels moisturised even before applying the cream.
I am not really a toner person but i'm starting to like this a lot.
It has a mild citrusy scent but nothing overwhelming and eventually goes away.

Sometimes when i want mild moisturisation ,i use this alone without the cream.
And it's more than enough for those who have moderately dry skin.
It claims to have skin brightening and whitening function.
It gives my skin a dewy glow.
But i'm not so sure about the whitening function.
Anyway ,i don't think i need it either lol

After application of the toner.
It gets absorbed quickly.



The Vitalizer cream comes in a white tube.
I like it since it's very hygienic and doesn't require me to scoop it out.


It is a creamy pale yellow colored substance.
Has a very nice citrusy smell which i love.
I use this after applying the toner.
The consistensy is neither too thick nor runny.
It gets absorbed readily.
Just a tiny amount is required for the whole face as it spreads easily.
The staying power is upto 6 hours ,after which i have to reapply because my ultra dry skin starts flaking again.
It is indeed moisturising.
But sometimes i feel like it breaks me out.
So, i tend to skip the cream and use only the toner followed by BBcreams.
i'm still trying to figure it out.


I love the products esp the toner.
It moisturises my face but doesn't make it look oily.
I sure won't mind buying this next winter .
If you are looking for the ideal winter skin care regime, i suggest you try this out :)


1.Non availabilty maybe an issue.
But you can order it online from
They charge $18 shipping charge.

2. A little expensive PRICE- $49
You can order HERE


PR sample :Honest Opinion


  1. i am liking the toner since im not a cream fan and i have an oily skin =(

  2. Nice and detailed review :)
    oh bdw you changed your blog title font and watermarks na?
    New look for the new year :D

  3. awwww...i like the toner too.
    i have combi skin.
    oily in summer dry in winter :(

  4. hehe yea...thanks for noticing...
    i wanted to give my blog a makeover.
    And had been looking for the perfect font for the water mark.
    finally found it.
    Its feathergraphy... this is totally me...

    you like it? :p

  5. you are most welcome dear.
    i'm glad you liked it.
    what toner you use for winter?

  6. i use the WATERCRESS ULTRA NOURISHING & MOISTURISING CREAM by Korres! i'm a creamy girl :D

  7. i have heard good reviews of korres...
    i would love to try that

  8. Oh yesss! It's very elegant <3
    And i also forgot to mention about your new template :D Polka dotted retro look ;)

  9. hehe thanks sweety

  10. I would love to get this...but too pricey :(

  11. yes, but it's a good investment...
    i'm more into skin care these days and less into make up...
    growing old i guess :p
    i feel like i neglect my skin too much :(

  12. I swear I envy how perfect your eyes and skin looks - _ -' and omg I feel like buying this for myself now after reading this XD. But already bought some of my skin care stuff. Will keep this in mind one I shop for skin care whenever. :P

  13. i'm more into skin care these days...
    omg im growing old... need to avoid wrinkles :p
    i'm looking for the perfect foaming cleanser now.
    found my dream toner and serum

  14. Thank you for the review. I've been toying with the idea of *finally* ordering some Korean skin care products so this helps. I like how minimalist & cheery the packaging looks too!

  15. lol.. so costly !!! im not buying it in the near future.

  16. im a hugeee korean skin care fan :)

  17. hehe..i've stopped buying cosmetics now.
    i'm into skin care these days :)

  18. it's costly.. but I wud love to try the toner..

  19. yes...i think skin care is worth investing :)