Sunday, July 22, 2012

Butterfly Nail foils NOTD

"Dear nail foils,
i always thought it was useless when people bought you.
i thought you weren't worth it.
That it was just another scam to rip people off their money.
i was so wrong. :p
i'm so in love with you right now.
i don't think i'll ever fall out of love with you .
you make my nails look super pretty and cute!
plus the time i save on those busy days when i don't have time for nail arts but yet badly want one.
i'm sorry for having misjudged you earlier .

yours truly,
New nail foil lover"

I got these beauties together with the GEO XTRA circle lens WTB31 Violet reviewed earlier. it wasn't love at first sight but now after wearing it , this love is definitely here to stay :)

pictorial presentation on how to apply.
see below for the description
HOw to apply instructions
removal instructions and ingredients

close up 
1. pretty looks
2.saves time and money
3.comes in wideeee range
4.easy application
5. and again "pretty looks " :p need to buy 4-5 nail polishes to create this nail art look

1. you need a steady hand and practise to avoid wrinkles on d foils.(look at my first attempt...tiny wrinkles everywhere)
2. staying power is reduced with constant water usage.

Do Not Apply a TOP COAT ABOVE IT (thinking it may help it to last longer). it becomes all wrinkly and ugly :p

You can get the same ones HERE at UNIQSO
PRICE $1.90


  1. beautiful < hands shakeso much..i think i can never use these lovelies =(

  2. you can sweety. just needs some practice... :)

  3. thank u :) have you tried any nail foils?

  4. ahh looks pretty but yes, lasting power can be an issue. You have lovely nails. :P

  5. ah well thank u my fine lady :)
    n u have cute nails too<3

  6. These look so pretty!

  7. thank u D :) have u tried nail foils?

  8. wow these look so pretty !!

  9. hehe ur most welcome

  10. i luv silver foils. trying to get hold of them.
    these floral ones luk so cute too

  11. i'm after gold color ones nw :p

  12. ooh la la that's super pretty! i want the gold ones too

  13. i knw i knw!! i want the gold ones too :(

  14. hey you got a beautiful blog..keep blogging.....hope we could follow each other....

  15. thank u for dropping by ashwin :)
    will check out your blog and follow u :)

  16. Wow what a cute nail sticker. I've been looking for those kinds of nail sticker in my town, but it's hard to find -_-" Nice post ;)

  17. awww.... you can buy them online
    where do u stay?

  18. i had no knowledge of nail-foils until now