Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue - Black EOTD

I'm bored to my bones and i want to go on a wild vacation to some exotic island all by myself- soak in the sun in a polka dot bikini ,get a pretty tan and shoot random pictures of people.

i'm not really in a shopping mood probably because its the end of the month and that means i'm broke or because i've grown wary of materialistic things and want to focus on spiritual growth (lol just kidding!).

Anyway, i got some hairdyes from England -plum color. Been wanting to get my hair dyed because i'm tired of my dark brown hair but then again ,as i've said "money money money must be funny in a rich man's world" :p
Hung out yesterday with a friend Ayesha at Korea restaurant in Outram lane,Delhi. We stuffed ourselves and actually ate for 3 hours plus lotsa gossips!! sadly it was raining and i didn't carry my digi cam so no pics :( Its my fav korean restaurant . i love their interior Plus the food is amazing.

As you know i rarely hang out with my friends .So far i've only gone out with Bharti and Ayesha. I'm a very very lazy person and sometimes i wish there was a job that pays for staying home and studying.

Well today's EOTD is purely a result of my boredom.
i wear a lottt of Green eyeshadows but never blue.
somehow i always found blue boring.
Anyway i finally made a blue black EOTD to go along with my weekend blue mood.
Products used-
1.Bornpretty 16 shimmer e/s palette (reviewed here)
2.Nyx Dream of StLucia Palette 
3.bourjois duo mascara (reviewed here)
Apply blue e/s on the upper lid going beyond the crease
dab Black e/s on the outer 1/3rd of the upper eyelid
Blend the black eyeshadow over the blue one esp on the crease
apply yellow e/s on the entire length of the lower lids (to make the blue pop)
Finish off with mascara :)

Have fun trying it out !!! and do let me know how it looks on you :)


  1. so pretty Phil..i lov wearing blue on my eyes..u hav done a great job here

  2. thanks PreethaKarthik this is the first time im wearing blue lol

  3. try doing it with circle lens next time ^^

  4. Addicted to NailpaintsAugust 1, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    You look so pretty.. Hey am following you.. Do check out mine at and show some support if you like the blog :)

  5. Great look Phil :)

  6. will do so :)
    thank u for droppping in

  7. You did such a great job!! That blue is stunning!! Totally reminds me of beautiful sun kissed shimmering blue seas :-)

    Cherry Lane xx

  8. so great to have you here :) thanx for dropping by.
    thank u..i'm glad you loved it :)

  9. so lovely look..i wish i was good at eye make up....super like

  10. Loved the smokey effect at the corners :):)

  11. thank you....practise makes perfect :p

  12. thanks sweet pie

  13. I like how it oozes oomph Awungshi :)