Saturday, February 28, 2015

Accessorize Haul Part 2

 Here it goes again.
This is actually an old post which i was supposed to publish ages ago but then LIFE happened .Bleh!
Anyway, the first pic was taken during an event by Accessorize in Select City Mall,Delhi.
Oh how much i miss Delhi.
I love the mirror that the shop has.......
 so many pretty trinkets and blings on the frame.
I "think" i have accessories hoarding issues.
You can read about my first haul HERE.
The weather is really pleasant in Kerala at present.
I am planning to get some water pets.
Will keep you all updated about it.
I would love to own a lazy fat Persian cat but i'm rarely home and it would be really sad to leave it all alone.
Fishes are easier to maintain and it is so soothing to look at them.
I need me some calmness lol.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.
And do let me know in the comment below which is your fav among the three.
Also do let me know what pet(s) you have.
Until the next crazy haul post


  1. I loved the way you hung those ear rings and you look super pretty <3

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