Monday, June 2, 2014

Lancome Lip Lover Swatches

I have always been a lip gloss person and i think i have found my dream lip gloss.
After my bad experience with Lancome Dream Tone , i had very little hope for these.
But holy macaroni, they proved me wrong and i am so excited to review them today. 

I have 3 shades with me.
Rose Ballet.
Rose Des Nymphes
Air de Violine.
I love the fact that they have very pretty names for the shades
(some of them are so French!)
Lancome Lip Lover glosses are really tiny compared to Lancome Gloss In Love (will review soon)
Lancome Lip Lover is only 4.5 ml and comes in a simple yet elegant silver tube.
The tube has a transparent rectangle section in the body which shows the color of the gloss.
It does not have the classical twist lid but a small click button which pops open the lid.

Rose ballet-
This is a pale peach shade with holographic micro shimmers.
I use this only when i wear heavy eye make up .
Otherwise it washes me out a bit. 

 Rose Des Nymphes-
A bright pinkish red shade with golden micro shimmers.
The shimmers doesn't really show up but makes the lips looks plump.

 Air De Violine-
This is my fav shade among the 3.
when i first saw this, i thought it would be too dark and gothic .
But on lips it has a very pretty raspberry color and perfect for everyday look.

These Glosses are amazing and does everything it claims to do.
1.Gives dewy look.
2.Reduces Fine lines
3.Moisturizing power upto 8 hours-
I was so impressed with how moisturising it was.
Kept my lips soft and supple for 5 hours even after eating and drinking in between.
If you have dry lips then this is going to be your BFF.
4.Fades evenly with light staining of lips.
The texture is really light and doesn't feel like you have anything on your lips.
Plus it is non sticky (hi five for that!)

I love these so much and i don't know if any other lip gloss would live upto it's standard esp when it comes to the moisturising power.
It is better than Burt Bees 
(That coming from a Burt Bees Lip balm addict).

All the shades are moderately pigmented.
With Air De Violine being the most pigmented among the shades i have.
The lipgloss is available in 16 colors.
They retail for Rs.1900 in India (approx $32)
Available at Lancome Stores.
I know they are pretty pricey but i would totally suggest buying atleast one!!!


  1. Loved the Rose..ya pretty expensive for that qty..

  2. After owning a Gloss In Love by Lancome I know what you mean about the quality of these glosses! Never thought one day I would consider to think even to spend 1900 for a lip gloss one day lol.

  3. What a lovely photos! :) I love the rose des nymphes, it's subtle yet really pretty. :) IMY, btw. Hihihi

  4. These sound like really great glosses! I like that the colors aren't over powering. I am one who loves a subtle color, and these look like they do the trick!

  5. Oh my god, I love the packaging!! All the shades are so pretty. They reduce fine lines! That's awesome. Loved Rose des Nymphes and Air de Violine. Nice clicks dear :)

  6. The packaging is soooo cute :)
    I like the subtle colors. And as always I love them pictures Zanzan :)

  7. These colors are gorgeous! And they look great on you (:

  8. i know right?
    the gloss in love is 6 ml though

  9. same here.
    But this one is even less stickier than gloss in love.

  10. I love these! Have the shade Orange Manege and its so pretty!

  11. These are so pretty! It's good that they moisturise as well, I might have to treat myself to a couple :)

  12. The shades look gorgeous and they sound fab <3 Now I need to go check these out in the store :) xo's

  13. I am so delighted to see this entire post!! feels so summery and fresh. U click amazing pictures and I wish I could splurge on these beauties..but I guess not now!! :(

  14. These are gorgeous and the color range is vast. I like the fact that they are sheer as other lancome lip products are so pigmented. The colors are rich n long lasting. I loved air de violine.

  15. all the lancome glosses i hv tried are sheer including gloss in love. i want to try a really pigmented one.

  16. Oh. Then u shud try out gloss velours from lancome. They r sooooo pigmented.