Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kitty Mani With Bornprettystore Stickers

 I'm trying to catch up for all the days i missed during my exams so there will be one post daily.
I was never a cat person But my friend Kathy Colby changed that and now i soooo badly want/need a kitty (preferably Persian,white and super fluffy).
However , i am scared i might not be able to take of her when i start my full time work.
So in honour of Kathy and her cat Alana, here is a cute mani .
You can buy the stickers HERE
There are tonnes of patterns so you can make hundreds of manis with it.
You can use my code to get additional 10% off FGL91
Base coat-
2.Tip Top nail chic polish SURFER GIRL (swatched HERE)

 Trying to click in different light settings :)

*Pr sample*


  1. so pretty they are :) and that umpteen patterns :-O !!!!
    Hands down ..ur manis are awesome :)

  2. love it...very pretty!

  3. cute mani <3 dear